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YAMAHA NS-F51 black

€242.73 without VAT

YAMAHA NS-F51 black

These massive speakers with front channels are for large rooms. The speakers are designed to provide you with sounds the way they are intended to be heard. No extra sounds or noise. Only pure and natural sound reproduction. The set is used for home cinema use, providing excellent music listening, including solid bass and undisturbed pitches. It is also suitable for incorporation into a multi-purpose home cinema configuration, such as 7.1, of course, in the role of front speakers.

Key Properties

  • Home theatre speakers for large screens
  • A massive sound to express the atmosphere
  • They provide a full HD audio experience
  • Structure minimises distortion for unstressed reproduction
  • Built with a luxurious design, suitable for any home interior

Cleverly Designed

The speakers were designed according to Yamaha's audio experience. Each curve minimises distortion that would obscure the true tone of the sound. The design solution will endlessly deliver natural sound, no matter how long you listen. At the same time, you will feel the luxury of its external design.

They Provide A Great Sound

The speakers can be placed anywhere on the floor and no sensitive electrical appliances will be disturbed. With their magnetic shielding, they can be placed near the TV without compromising image quality caused by the emission of magnetic fields.

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System type

System type 2.0
Active/Passive Passive (via amp)
Mechanics without mechanics



Overall performance 80 W
Frequency from 43 Hz
Frequency to 26,000 Hz
Impedance 6 Ohm
Sensitivity 89 dB/mW
Number of bands 2-band

Speaker dimensions

Speaker width 233 mm
Speaker height 973.5 mm
Speaker depth 254 mm

UK Localisation Message

Code:  YM613h
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  ANSF51BL
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