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Yi Handheld Gimbal

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Yi Handheld Gimbal

Do you have the Xiaomi Yi 4K or Xiaomi Yi 4K+ video camera and you don´t like unpredictable shocks and shakes on the resulting shots? Then the Naomi Yi Handheld Gimbal stabilizer in elegant black design is the right solution. This provides the camera with a stabilization in 3 axes, making all movements beautifully smooth and perfectly accurate. The stabilizer at the bottom features a classic tripod thread, so you can easily put it on your favourite selfie stick, suction cup holder and other accessories. For ease of use, there is a clever application available from the Xiaomi, which includes detailed instructions and many hidden features.

Key Features of the Xiaomi Yi Handheld Gimbal

  • Stabilizer for Xiaomi Yi 4K and Xiaomi Yi 4K+ video cameras
  • Stabilization in 3 axes
  • Three different modes for locking the stabilization axes
  • Tripod thread for easy hold on selfie stick and other accessories
  • Perfectly minimizes shocks and shakes
  • Elegant black design of the Xiaomi stabilizer
  • Operation time up to 4.5hrs
  • Smart mobile application with detailed instructions
  • Shots with a maximum focus and accuracy

Practical modes of the Xiaomi stabilizer

When working with the Yi Handheld Gimbal Xiaomi, you will often find yourself in a situation where you want to move the camera freely in one direction, but in others, you want it to be fully stabilized. The Xiaomi stabilizer is prepared for these situations and has 3 modes for stability control. The first mode, called Pan Mode, locks the tilting and horizontal axis, so the camera will only move up and down. The Lock Mode locks the tilt axis and allows you to move the camera both up and down and left and right. The last mode, and probably the most popular, is the Pan & Tilt Mode, which locks all the axes and holds the camera in one place.

Horizontal and vertical movement:

Tilt left and right:

95 × 75 × 77mm


Operating temperature:
-20°C to +50°C

2 x 850mAh Li-Ion battery type 18350

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Other features

Colour Black
Code:  XIAac01
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  AMI300