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XGIMI Controller for XGIMI Projectors

€42.10 without VAT

XGIMI Controller for XGIMI Projectors

Universal remote control for XGIMI (H1, Z4 Air, Z4 Aurora) projectors. It guarantees 360 ° unlocked projector operation and voice control capabilities. The XGIMI driver also includes a gyroscope, Bluetooth 4.0, rechargeable battery and auto-sleep feature.  

Key features of the XGIMI driver

  • Remote control for XGIMI projectors
  • Projector operation is enabled from all angles
  • Voice control features
  • Built-in gyroscope
  • Rechargeable battery of the XGIMI driver



Maximum reach 20 m
Connection Bluetooth
Equipment Gyroscope
Code:  XGI002f12
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  B907C
Links: Manufacturer's Website: