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XCOM 2: Digital Deluxe Edition DIGITAL

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XCOM 2: Digital Deluxe Edition DIGITAL


More experiences with digital editing

The special digital edition, except for the game itself, also includes several bonuses, with which you turn the war against the insidious enemy out of space again. In addition to the digital soundtrack, a special Reinforcement Pack is also available, which includes advanced capabilities of the Anarchy's Children, the new exclusive mission and the enemy Ruler. Part of this is even the unseen class of soldiers with unique weapons.


The new XCOM walks in many ways in the footsteps of the past part. The whole can be denied a minimum. -

Utkejte se s mnoha typy nepřátel - každý má své silné a slabé stránky

Stay with many types of enemies - each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

V klidu můžete pozastavit hru a v tahovém režimu popřemýšlet, jak povede další útoky a kam zamíříte své smrtonostné střely. V této hře se taktice meze nekladou

At rest, you can pause the game, and in tact mode, think about how you run other attacks, and where you will head your deadly missiles. In this game, the tactics of the limit are not set.

Play with the crew

Play with the crew

X COM 2 brings you a great deal of opportunity to customize your team, which you can then send on difficult missions. In addition to weapons and equipment, you can improve their features, work with their unique abilities and skills, and change the course of other battles altogether.

The country is no longer what it used to be

The country is no longer what it used to be

Since the defeat of Earth's troops has fled for 22 years and XCOM, the last line of defense lies in ruins. The Earth now dominates the extraterrestrial forces that are building glittering cities, seemingly serving as a refuge for mankind for the next generation, while sweeping the plans for complete control of the planet and all life on it.

Each mission will be a challenge

Each mission will be a challenge

With a new combat system that offers greater flexibility and dynamism, you will need to access each of the missions specifically. On your way to liberating mankind, you will find yourself in the middle of the wilderness as well as in the center of the city, and the struggle will always depend on an environment that will provide different options for protection against enemy fire and the like. It will make the most of your team's capabilities and not lose its members unnecessarily.

Grafika oproti minulosti doznala podstatných vylepšení, které činí hru realističtější

Graphics have made significant improvements over the past, making the game more realistic.

Velkou roli bude opět hrát management základny - vylepšujte, upravujte a získejte nové spojence

A great role will be played by base management again - improving, editing, and getting new allies.

XCOM on the run - but all over time

XCOM on the run - but all over time

Take command of Avenger, an extraterrestrial supply ship that has been rebuilt to the XCOM mobile headquarters. From here, you will send your troops around the world, collect allies, and uncover the terrible plans of aliens. Control new units, get to know and hang out with new extraterrestrial races and hybrids of human DNA and show uninvited visitors that Earth is still strong and full of determination.

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Type Game
Platform Xbox One
Licence Downloadable
Key for Xbox Live


Genre Action, Strategy games


Multiplayer Online


Text EN , DE , RU , PL , FR , ES , IT
Dubbing EN , DE , FR , ES , IT

PEGI rating

Age limit 16 year(s)
Game content descriptors Fear, Violence, Online


Platform Xbox One - downloadable
Edition Basic

Virtual reality

Virtual reality Not supported
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Warranty: 24 months
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