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WD Red 4,000 GB 64 MB cache

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WD Red 4,000 GB 64 MB cache

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Unmatched capacity

WD Red 4000GB

WD Red hard drive is the world's first model, which was developed exclusively for NAS systems. The unit is tested to be useable in continuous operation (24x7) in a home or small business NAS with one to five positions. The basis of everything is up to 35% increase in the statistical indicators MTBF (meaning time between failures) that indicates the median time in hours after which it is expected that the equipment will work flawlessly.

3D Active Balance Plus

3D Active Balance Plus

Improved technology of the double balance significantly improves overall performance and reliability of diives.Hard disks that are not properly balanced, can cause in systems with multiple drives an excessive vibration and noise, reduce the life of the drive and, over time degrade performance.

NASware 2.0 - the secret is in technology

This advanced firmware provides for seamless integration, robust data protection and optimal performance in environments NAS and RAID. Unique algorithms NASware tune performance, optimize energy consumption and thus saves your wallet.Lower power consumption also reduces the heating of the disk, leading to a further increase of reliability and durability. The intelligent error correction system RAID prevents the drives from being discarded due to excessively long recovery from errors. When unexpected outages of energy occur, NASware ensures the completion of the command prior to shutting down the drive.

NASware 2.0 – tajemství je v technologii
Proč zvolit řadu WD Red?

Why choose WD Red series?

  • NAS specific needs - desktop hard drives are designed for use in desktop PCs and when used in NAS and RAID systems, they offer by far the best performance or protection for your sensitive data.
  • Compatibility - with hard drives for desktop computers, htere may be problems with integration into the NAS system.
  • Reliability - desktop hard drives are not capable of long-term work at high temperatures even in continuous operation.
  • System error recovery - desktop hard drives are not designed for use in RAID environments and include drivers that prevent drivers RAID intervene when errors leading to failure of RAID. Subsequent reconstruction of the RAID field, costs users a lot of time and unnecessary effort.
  • Noise and vibration - drives for desktops are not optimized to minimize noise and vibration. In addition to reducing user comfort with their installation into NAS systems, you run the risk of reducing the reliability and durability
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Use Data storage, Suitable for playing games, Internal

Type and capacity

Format (Form Factor) 3,5"
Storage capacity 4,000 GB (4 TB)


Colour Silver


Memory cache 64 MB
Special features RAID, Advanced Format


Typical power consumption 3.3 W
Standby consumption 0.4 W (400 mW)


Weight 680 g (0.68 kg)


Width 101.6 mm (10.16 cm)
Height 26.1 mm (2.61 cm)
Depth 147 mm (14.7 cm)


Disc Series WD Red
Code:  FW233a4
Warranty: 36 months
Product Number:  WD40EFRX
Links: Manufacturer's Website: