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WD Red Pro 6000 GB 128 megabytes cache

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WD Red Pro 6000 GB 128 megabytes cache

If for your small or medium-sized business looking for a suitable hard drive usable in NAS with 1-16 positions, your search has come to an end. To expand the capacity of your hard disk storage gives Western Digital uncompromising space with a capacity of 6,000 gigabytes Since these discs are designed to operate 24 hours, 7 days a week, they were subjected before sending their stress tests, which will guarantee reliable functionality even during long operating time.

Key Features

  • 6 TB of data for your NAS
  • NASware 3.0 technology ensures greater security for your data
  • StableTrac feature to protect the disk from vibration
  • Designed for continuous operation 24/7
  • The discs are subjected to rigorous testing, so their reliability is assured

NASware technology and high reliability

With a challenging environment NAS drives a Red To order by technology NASware 3.0. It provides seamless integration into the NAS drive, tremendous data protection and optimal performance at lower power consumption. As part of this technology are also controls for error recovery to prevent possible failure of the unit due to failures in a RAID array. You no longer need to fear neither surprising power outage. NASware because in such a situation to ensure the completion of the order before it is switched off.

The dual actuator mechanics improves positional accuracy of the data tracks and the adjustment of the head, thereby achieving higher overall accuracy of the NAS. The disk also easily handle the vibrations to which the data store may occur. It is in charge of technology StableTrac, whose task is to ensure the motor shaft at both ends, and thus reduce the level of vibration.

Enhance your company so these reliable drives with which your data is completely safe.

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Use Data storage

Type and capacity

Format (Form Factor) 3,5"
Storage capacity 6,000 GB (6 TB)


Colour Silver


Memory cache 128 MB
Special features RAID, Advanced Format


Maximum power consumption 10.6 W
Typical power consumption 7.4 W
Standby consumption 1.6 W (1,600 mW)


Weight 750 g (0.75 kg)


Depth 147 mm (14.7 cm)
Code:  FW236b6
Warranty: 60 months
Product Number:  WD6001FFWX
Links: Manufacturer's Website: