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WD Red 6TB

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WD Red 6TB

The WD Red 6TB hard drive ranks among the high load internal HDDs compatible with NAS data storage solutions. 3.5" HDDs are designed mainly for data centres and desktop PCs. One of the main parameters is undoubtedly the rotational speed of the HDD. 5400 RPM meets the needs of any casual user. The device uses a 256 MB memory cache. You can connect it to a PC or other devices using the SATA III interface.

WD Red 6TB Hard Drive Key Features

  • 256 MB memory cache for better HDD performance
  • The 3.5" format is compatible with desktop PCs and data centres
  • Maximum power draw 4,8 W
  • Power consumption under standard load is 3,1 W, while in stand-by mode it makes 0,6 W
  • All the data communication takes place through the SATA III interface
  • Standard hard drives are admittedly more susceptible to physical damage, but they offer a great storage capacity/performance ratio

WD Red 6TB Hard Disk Speed

Platter HDDs have a special construction. The enclosure conceals a mechanism with moving platters, complete with hard disk heads that read and write the data. These mechanical parts don't take shocks and impact well, but this weak point is well-compensated by an excellent price/storage capacity ratio. The key parameter that determines the speed of a platter hard disk is the number of rotations per minute (RPM). With the WD Red 6TB, we have 5400 RPM RPM. You can find these drives mainly in ordinary home computers, laptops, and other devices that do not require high performance. Data transmission and stability is also significantly affected by the disk buffer, usually called cache. The Western Digital platter drive is equipped with a 256 MB cache that keeps the last written data for their speedy reading.

Connecting the Hard Disk to Your PC

If you want to mount the WD Red 6TB in your laptop or other device, it requires a 3,5" slot. All data transfer happens via the SATA III interface, boasting a standard speed of 6 Gbit/s. The technology is one of the best HDD data transfer solutions available and delivers a throughput of 600 MB/s.


Type and capacity

Format (Form Factor) 3,5"


Read Speed 180 MB/s
Memory cache 256 MB


Maximum power consumption 4.8 W
Typical power consumption 3.1 W
Standby consumption 0.6 W (600 mW)


Disc Series WD Red
Code:  FW233a8d
Warranty: 36 months
Product Number:  WD60EFAX
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