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WD Red 3000 GB 64 megabytes cache

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Nizzsi teplota za provozu proti klasickemu WD green disku
Zatim nevim, je prilis brzo na hodnoceni disku po tydnu provozu
After six month of the 24x7 all 4 pieces without problems.
I stacked 1kus while I do my Synology DS213 NAS. While it works seamlessly. Resonate, seek nepocut at all. Compared to 1TB WD Black FAEX is a change in the noise and consumption.
nepocut seek resonate at all IntelliPower consumption ine what is in the description, one that is characterized vie
One disc will not start at all. Diamentrální is a difference between the speed of processing new orders and handling complaints. Several minutes versus weeks.
He ran for about a month in the NAS as a separate drive but stopped to report. After connecting directly to a PC Windows7 him ever found. After connecting it to your Mac Mac OS found (poze as 800 gigabytes) and formatting rejected due to an unknown error. It is to complain, maybe just a bad piece.
4 days ago purchased, and tomorrow půjed after 3 claim. 1 disk nenaběl not quite 2 disk has bad sectors and behaves very strangely so I hope that three complaints will be fine. Generally, I have very good experiences with WD RED but this batch of me really mad. Nedopučuji buy or to hedge patience.
Silent Power
1 2 broken disk drive bad sectors
After half a year of operation in the NAS crazy noise and vibrations from both the purchased disc = complaint. WD changed YoY disc specification for the worse, especially as the noise and error poles! Obviously rely on a positive test is already full Internet and Muzo compromise on quality and save. NOT RECOMMENDED!
zmaknute good PR - nothing more;)
if falls on a bad streak, which is not unusual for WD - up to 100% claim not nearly as quiet as everywhere states
One of the five disks will not start. NAS can not therefore be installed. The order takes minutes, complaint weeks. Bad batch or output control. It's annoying, because the backup disks are primarily expected reliability.
Power Capacity
20% of the supply does not work at all
about defective piece
Failed to initialize or
Bought two discs. One disk and running in a matter of seconds, then zdechnul. The second disk detected after only 5 150 hours of operation and the number of defective sectors have been mounting during volume creation. This is not a reliable solution for us!
2 of 2 discs purchased defective.
I had hoped to have it in Alzey other series, or that the original suppliers thrown at his head. Sadly the four discs is one defunct since the beginning. Suitable for Mean Time Between Failures one million hours? Even if a defective one in a thousand, it's hard to fathom such value ..
1 of 4 disks broken
I stacked two pieces into the QNAP NAS 212, after about 2 weeks of one disk for bad sectors and disintegrated with me RAID1, complaints lasted about 30 minutes, they had in stock 1 pc nova. This was after 1 month SEKOL and had nenabehol, I fell down again, RAID1, and again idem claim. Obviously it will be unavailing seria.
Fast absolutely silent OK
Dobry fast disk
We ordered two disks, one nesiel at all :(
Fast - Write approximately 145 MB / s Voči green disc a couple of good technologies from the upper rows
When all things resounding on the Internet about his silence I imagined tichší disk. Despite the fact, however, the noise level compared to other disk good "Prezlečené" green disks with the firmware of becoming another burden on low - below 100 TB / year
Excellent drive, 4 pieces of me are running nonstop already 4 months
While no problems (ca. 2 months in operation) involvement in SW Raid 1 - mdadm rebuild ca. 140 to 70 megabytes / s (SATA II interface older) Tichy ATTACK (over the old 500 gigabytes Samsungom)
It is quiet, very much heated, high capacity.
Large capacity 36 month warranty Very decent speed Low noise drive
Disk came the next day, ofacovany bubble wrap. :)
tichy rychly a nice red :) ratio price: quality length WARRANTY;
Time will show whether or not it after the year we will not RETURNING
Low power consumption, ie. should it heats
One disk 5 was not running at all. Probably also one of the following defective series.
Perhaps it is defective whole series, because after the third exchanger me back the money. Probably forgot to fix the output control, or impart a third category!
WD still has room for improvement, since the launch shifty drives on the market, which are intended for Nasya is quite strong coffee.
I have already made about 25 drive and yet, after more than a half year of application had no problem with either the only and therefore I advice RED satisfied. I hope that my enthusiasm will continue to hang on :)
for me so far high reliability Good performance in raid acceptable price
High capacity Dobra price Tichy (NAS heard only vetrak disks but not what I previously at Green serie hear) a good speed (involved in 4 WD Red 3TB disks in a RAID 5 NAS: 80-100 MB / s when copying files from 16 gigabytes Disc)
Excellent drive with a really low consumption, low is even porovnanís WD Green.
Very quiet. I feared a noise but ne.jednoducho is silence achieves a satisfactory rate
SLAP no problem
It works as intended
speed package from the tears quietness functionality
yet any
NAS disk to vyborny tichy
quiet, Ryčl
smooth quiet
I use 4 pcs of these delights had just over a month in a RAID5 configuration, the NAS QNAP TS869PRO.
tichy (seek and vibration), consumption temperature by about 2 degrees lower than the green wd first month without any problems
I have bought and installed a 2pc QNAP NAS with RAID1. All this is no problem. Already two months, and their burden the SLAP as hodnky.
Velocity Fan Noise Consumption
They are not
Quality knows with time, but installation and after the first week seems to be ok.
3 TB temperature
In comparison with the WD Caviar Green Ak consent and reliability of the consumption of the indicated producers and what is not addressed.
Less is tichsi vibrate abnormally baud rate
tichy rapid capacity
Show Time
Delivered on the second day after the order. Involved in the QNAP TS-212th Kúpim for one more month to RAID.
price / quality / drip almost no noise from low consumption rate guarantee pekná red :)
Time will tell whether the presented parameters (especially MTBF) filled
Delivery within 24 hours (PPL) Well packaged, no damage
capacity consumption
Faulty piece - I think they have a problem with that. On this, it has to be super into NAS's disappointed: (((
big disk, but it does not; (
he left after 1 day
The disc is silent. Perhaps the last.
Beware! If you are using WinXP he can only work with 2TB drives max. So if you want to use in a plain box as an external drive so you will hlaásit only 750 gigabytes As internal to the computer l used, but only with a program that can be downloaded at Western Digital.
bought five pieces in the two years so far, no problem
quiet, Dependable
higher price
It works with NSA325_v2 to which I lacked even a single disk.
Not yet, no.
Fast and quiet drive
While ide. Two pieces in Raid 1 and the other is Going to prikupit Raid 1 + 0
We'll see how long.
Huge and rapid :-)
I have several drives of this type and I am satisfied with the quality and ratio - price / performance
I do not know about cons
I took 4 to the NAS, since so far everything is OK
Absolutely no problem, extremely quiet operation!
Tichy zero vibrations
Just disk :) Neither knows about it ...
Everything OK
Proven classic, perfect for NAS
low consumption silent reasonable price
Perhaps nothing
I use two pieces of NAS, perfekt
Absolutely no mistakes!
power for home / office without compromises
Large capacity and speed of execution with respect to the low sound levels in service (2 pieces involved in the raid 1)
in the short time I have not found any yet
I have it half a year, and while it works reliably
the ratio of price and capacity disk storage is suitable for home for 24/7 operation
I recommend
super drive quiet, fast
Yet reliable, silent, powerful (using the Synology NAS)
Perhaps higher price
Good quality and price of the corresponding parameter of the product.
Good quality and price of the corresponding parameter of the product.
Quick Silent I had two and maximum satisfaction
Purchased gradually 5-piece PC, NAS and HP server and reliably without problems
terms of server editions disk at very reasonable cash.
While seamless, trouble-free tichy
while no
about half a year of operation - without any problems
Obviously quality disc price / performance ratio
Unable to judge.
While it appears good. I have it very kratko
Seeded small-servers / on 24/7 See above year and became an excellent runs
I needed the disc, I ordered, reared up, I have installed all the day simp ...
Large disk, quiet
quiet and reliable
Without any problem, fast and reliable drives. involvement in a domestic NAS (FreeNAS), while no problems. I have shared via wifi (TV, mobile phone, tablet) via a cable (PC) and also when working with viaceryimi devices at once (for verification visits today who does not have a smartphone :)) and disks of the raid still stihaju.
fulfills its purpose, without problems.
Nakopeno 16 pieces Disc
Fast relatively quiet Price
Over time uvidime
It operates using RAID 5
Almost unheard * Very much space the meantime, without failure and ide ratio 7.24 € / GB is the best Vydržal the already large shocks (downfall of the PC cabinet table) is Nezahrieva
At start was fairly slowly diverges and therefore he also will hear *
High data rate Silent Low consumption
Meanwhile Found
Reliable drive, excellent quality
Nothing -
best solution for NAS
Fast and reliable disk.
I wish it was cheaper ...
N / A
N / A
The first WD Red 2000 gigabytes broken, sent a complaint. After a complaint I took the right place 2TB and 3TB disk that already works without problems.
Speed ??Capacity Low noise acceptable access time
PRICE Poor packaging The packaging could be even screws only time will tell, disk use for only a few hours
For now silent (two months) Good baud rate should be more resilient compared to a similar Green
Maybe a little price I retract, disk began beautifully crunch
So far the system
interesting price vs. low consumption capacity of 3 year warranty
for my taste a little noisy, but not placed in the living room, so it does not matter
it's NAS storage, in association with my NAS fulfills expects will be able to evaluate when to hang on par rokovnia
You'll be able to evaluate when last a couple years
Speed ??Size Price Determination to NAS
The disk used in Synology DiskStation DS215j. I would expect that it will have a better rev / min, but to NAS is appropriate.
Price Capacity
It is just 5400 revs / min at Synology gently resonates
while working (about half a year)
quite noisy at startup and chode
not yet
Low speed
It works perfectly on my NAS. I have no objection.
Low noise and vibration.
quiet, smooth running
silent and fast disk
Really quiet.
A little noisier than I expected
It works :)
it could still be tichsi, since we are running nonstop and hence at night, although it may be a bit distracting noise ...
ok, a world leader in the field
One of the two discs was not possible to reformat!
I maintain brand loyalty WD from whom I have 5 disks, but in this case, the disk has bad sectors from production. I bought it to your NAS Synology DS213. These Red discs such as CITA are apex of poor quality. Surprised that it has especially because so far I have all the drives from WD considered high quality.
A lot of bad sectors
2 newly bought today, neither one was not running, the second vote on SMART-fail status
Excellent Quiet Nezohrieva a
it then still was not offered 4TB
tichy a quick solution (much faster than the green gr) price ujde
under the same conditions as warmer by about 1-2km wd green (what still does not matter)
Excellent speed
Wrapped in bubble wrap me come very professional way
Předesílané properties by Western Digital.
2,72TB ... it's a matter of marketing and sales