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WD Red 2TB

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Dostatocna kapacita, modely RED by mali mat zvysenu odolnost pri prevadzke 24/7/365
I was looking for a replacement for the current WD AV GP 1TB, with whom I was most satisfied, but it was insufficient capacity. So that a larger capacity, while maintaining decent performance, low power and low noise, and especially high reliability, especially for HTPC use as a data disk. I finally decided to 2x WD Red 2 gigabytes However long I was deciding between GP WD, the WD AV-GP and WD Red. Presumably, they are completely identical discs which differ only in the firmware used for AV and Red extended warranty, and especially the cost. Differences in firmware are virtually zero (AV Edition allows you to enable AAM and reduce noise at the cost of reduced performance, but even so, all three drives are very quiet, and the Red version boasts NASware, who brings nothing major). However, probably the most fundamental difference is hidden in front of customers, manufacturers disks after production tests and selects the better bits (eg in terms of vibrations), especially for those who eventually sold as WD AV-GP and WD Red (this of course is not to say that conventional GP should be of good quality, so they are rather standard). I was knocked out by basic GP and I decided to AV-GP and Red. AV-GP is due AAM optimized for maximum quiet, does have a more stable but slightly lower performance and is also optimized for continuous non-stop operation. Red contrast, has a somewhat higher performance and is optimized for frequent switching on and off. From this perspective, I was more suited Red edition. With a disc, I will be satisfied, and definitely recommend it.
Relatively fast low power consumption Low noise Excellent Sufficient capacity
Higher marketing costs little obfuscation regarding NASware (this is a common (but quality) disk into the PC and NAS).
After two months, using absolute satisfaction, speed reading and writing Excellent + silent and chladný.Hodnoty read / write measured in "CrystalDiskMark 3.0.1 x64"
speed reading 132.6 megabytes / sec write speed of 129.5 megabytes / s
while no
data rate at rest great temperature (23-25 ??° C before the front fan casing at rest, in a load max around 30 ° C)
They are not
Works with Synology DS213 (2 x Mirror) Quiet
price and performance trade-off, has a decent capacity at an attractive price, while working a month and it looks good, so hopefully last for the next 6 years
very successful piece of hardware, almost no noise, low power consumption, high reliability, and speed is fine too-perfect data on hdd
low price and reliability at a good speed ipwr outstanding raid in a very quiet low power consumption
Time will show
Brand reputation Quieter
Not a maximum, I rebuked weaker transport packaging by the tears
saving operation year warranty
yet no
quiet - I use the NAS in operation 24/7 (unlike the Green series, which had a problem with parking headers, this disc is absolutely inaudible, even in heavy traffic)
Used in the ZYXEL NSA-310 fast silent
NAS runs in 24/7 no problem (knock, knock;) Pleasantly surprised by the quietness.
rychly tichy ideal to RAID
Over time, it will remind
Perfect absolutely no complications
super HDD Sata 3 to 6 gigabytes attachment is quickly up to 40% over a conventional SATA2 can only recommend the installation and it is not complicated to be just little things like turn off HDD and USB klúč because it shows it is removable but it is not essential.
Quality discs, low power consumption, temperature practically identical to the ambient temperature, which certainly has an impact on its lifetime. On the other discs must be running fan cooler.
Yet reliable. SW excellent support on the page After signing up for the production of the disc number can be downloaded for free backups and cloning disks WDAcronis a utility to convert the file system AcronisAlignTool.
Not yet, no.
quiet and fast enough to see us over time how quality
yet nothing got him briefly
still, it does not heat up
velocity, but greater than or playback is not required, copy bit lasts
Very quiet Vibration
I do not know if it's a bug or a WD but the tears came only in bubble wrap
quiet good price / capacity / speed
Packaging could be better - only antistatic bag, no mechanical protection granted
a decent capacity for even a decent price fairly quiet operation
I have them only briefly, while thus nothing :)
Capacity Tichy running speed
Nothing yet
yet it works OK, replacing my original Samsung executive, two of the three Samsung death (life of 1.5 and 2.5 years - SpinPoint 2T and 750G) But it is nonsense to evaluate the disks after two weeks of operation, even nonstop loaded
so far, no problem - a short time for evaluation
send me inoperable hard drive, now may wait a month kym to "fix it"
no defects
Very quiet
Secure a quiet little warms
Very quiet
Very quiet and perfectly balanced disk. In the home NAS server is easily heard only during acceleration.
Speed ??silent price
price and performance
Seamlessly :-)
Quick Silent
Along with QNAP NAS and other delicious ..
Quiet power
It works without problems
Ok, according to expectations
quiet good price
The external box ICY RAID works flawlessly
I do not know
Low consumption good stamina year warranty suitable for RAID
Speed ??seamlessly works incredibly quiet drive price
I could not find
Very quiet when running with not heating
I do not know yet about any
Used in NAS without difficulty
while no
Quiet fast disk
there is safe
Currently there are no
It is quiet, vibration-free. For now, satisfaction
The second drive no longer works as it should
Packaging first drive I had the next day to complain
Quiet, fast, perhaps even a reliable ..
I bought two of these discs, but the one I had in the wake of a complaint - did not adhere ..
WD to be VEE mesh throughout the pc
I use the Synology Server 210 and 213 - goes reliably - so far I have a little over a year is not heating - running at 29-32 st at the office, which is about 20 to 22 st. runs quietly
I do not see
HDD quality, very quiet.
Simple installation into the NAS, quiet operation.
A bit to hear it in the notes. Otherwise, it is silent. 3 year warranty
I am satisfied
Proven quality and reliability
Overall good
quiet good price
Yet it works
So far, no problems, read and write speed is completely without problem. When additional payment guarantees you can have a disk with a warranty of 6 years.
rather quiet
What makes a
No, it may be only time will tell
I have no problem Nepostrehol
without error met expectations, perhaps long-lasting
I do not know of any
still, I do not know about them
After msiaci operation works well.
after a month of running got nothing negative.
Doing exactly what you should be doing, reliability can be assessed only after years of operation.
I am not aware of any.
Year goes okay
it is western red digital edition, so it can SLAP 25/7. I am this disk stacked into network storage Zyxel. While fachčí in order and without disorder, and is silent.
Yet spokojny
Yet spokojny
Many years of experience with excellent HD from WD. Drives are installed in the NAS SYNOLOGY. I recommend to buy.
quick and silent HDD is faster than the WD Red 1000 gigabytes and older Seagate 7200.12 Barrracuda 1000 gigabytes / 7,200 rpm.
Meanwhile behaves as expect him, I rely on a reputable manufacturer and renowned reliability. I am pleased with the ratio of price-performance.
So far, no I do not know about, I wish it would last.
Good for home NAS drive, run non-stop, while at ease. A little louder for a larger load.
To us to use 24/7
Slightly greater richness
Quiet operation
Higher price
yet it works reliably
I have no comments, see after a few years and a few outages
everything OK
price = quality
price = quality
Absolutely no problem.
while pedaling
Ideal as a data storage device to the PC to the SSD.
Reliability Temperature Speed ??Silent
While no problems ... .. Tichy quickly ....
Silent Speed ??(sequential) Relatively low power consumption
Reliable drives
reliable and affordable
In exchange for a higher volume of data
Large capacity, sturdy price
is fairly quick, I wonder at the stamina !! used in NAS
The best drives I have ever seen
Rchylost reliability of the
Super discs reasonable price. Ideal for QNAP NAS for the home
Pretty fast 24/7 !! Perhaps it would be better reliability of new defective disks !!
Purchased in 6ks discs and already piled drives me here to make a complaint. All I independently died. So that how to get to all of them collectively pack up and send it on the complaint.
Consumption Temperature
Terribly noisy
and I had only one bad piece, then everything should be ok ..
Price / performance ratio
zhorel first, second Fitzi as it has
I bought a Synology NAS 214 to play and work perfectly
Everything utterly cool
Super HDD
quiet operation capacity of 4 units in the domestic RAID NAS
time will show
It works :-)
It is completely silent
The rate quality Silent Decent price
quiet operation
MARK Synology NAS server. Overall Quiet, everything is working
Installed into a NAS box, it works OK Pacific
Price / size / quality
Capacity Speed
high quality disc suitable for data backup
quiet, fast
the NAS server runs at 100%
I use it at NAS where it runs quietly and without difficulty. But maybe I barter for WD Red 4TB, because I was already doing.
Capacity! :-) Stunningly fast relatively quiet
Reasonable price optimal access speed
No I have not found out
Perfect Drive
quiet, fast, without vibration abatement, low temperature (32 ° C) reading + - 150 Mbytes / s, write + - 120
Fast, quiet, attractive price
to silence - do not click, nesustia, nevibruju
although they are RED, vypinaju to me when idle and im longer it takes for the abbot hopped online (in the Power Management is activated nemam went to sleep in) wreck collisions write speeds Raid 1
agile data access
Large capacity at an affordable price
Meanwhile flawlessly - the ReadyNAS NV + works flawlessly.
bought for NAS, compared to conventional drive is about 10 ° C lower temperature, which surprised me pleasantly
quiet, fast, acceptable temperature for operation
used in our fast tichy
It works as intended.
24/7 runs reliably good speed Tichy
řijatelná cost, low noise operation 24/7, does not heat even during prolonged use. I recommend buying.
I do not know.
shipping packaging only bubble wrap, HDD I preberal to the store and using it predomnou has checked whether it is physically okay, and until then I uploader +
He works as ma
It operates using RAID 5
Quiet, fast, everything is as it should be.
Drive is extremely quiet even when writing and Seek Ideal for home NAS I bought just two pieces (08/2013) and I was afraid error, which mentions a lot of people from earlier times, but nothing held, drives in NAS (DS213j) right ran a complete SMART diagnostics does not report any errors so far I am very satisfied
yet nothing to show time reliability in a package that might just drive in an antistatic bag and sticker (no screws) but it solved NAS, where the screws were
Speed-e raid in the durability, resistance
It is really quiet
I do not have a problem
Shockingly packed
Improper packing
While it use short, but for the majority of WD drives as do the Jews ist ...
If something, so just a little higher price
I am happy with the product
Packaging sucks.
I hope that will not be a problem with the soaking, as in some 2 TB disks are currently still persists.
HDD stavaný Endurance
reasonable price
Disks I needed to regularly back up data from workstations. I prefer reliability with gentleness, access speed is not important. I bought three pieces involved in RAID5, noise is minimal, almost not heating. The confidence to express themselves can not yet :)
Designed for continuous operation, it should be silent.
Drive to NAS is the NAS serves as a so OK
designed for NAS drive is used in the NAS drive, I do not know about it, so good
nothing yet, we'll see what life will
We'll post case
Silent operates sufficient size
I am happy with the product
Meets the declared parameters
I do not understand why manufacturers deceive customers when capacity is about 10% lower than reported in parts or product names are written in the specifications on the site. Beri, but that provision must be 200 gigabytes ?? Mali would dupe them fatty fines and represents a realistic capacity HDD !!!
While the rate of fun works
As always 2TB but lacks 200 gigabytes
higher price
I put on the recommendation of an expert. Drive is quite nimble.
Quite noisy
So far everything OK After a year of operation, everything works as it has in the Connected Synology NAS
He was to NAS
A little noisy overnight.
Yet in order. Uidíme aka the defectiveness.
Noise during the onset and awakening.
still, it does not heat up ...
Perhaps the price ...
silent function
I got in the closet, these two discs. And probably the best business card for HDD is that in addition to being seen on the screen that you are there for them do not even know. The discs are completely silent. + Read speed - about 154Mbs, rychost enrollment 150Mbs measured entirely in layman's free programkem HD Speed.
smooth and silent HDD suitable as necessary for me to storing movies
for me nothing yet
still, it does not heat up ...
the price?
with a second HDD am satisfied yet
HDD first went to lodge a complaint could come in better packaging
OK so far
super price kopa locations and fast enough good choice :)
So far, very good feature
Sometimes unnecessarily by himself fall asleep.
Meanwhile seamless monthly usage of about 4 pieces in Synology DS413j
Very quiet
Price would not, and drops to the level before the flood (For TB)
Probably ok
Nothing yet
Fast, quiet ...
The first two discs were flawed, to the seamless exchange I could start using it.
PC used as a data disk. After seven months, he died even though there was no indication SMART.
after 7 months died
Second, this disc only to the NAS, the PC is a tragedy
In the PC performance is absolutely deficient
Meanwhile rides.
Packaging - terrible !!!
Drive worst I've experienced! This week had such a second what he left me! One 3TB WD30EFRX and whatever now this WD20EFRX Radsi buy! You really can not even boot!
He went out of nowhere !!!
I already wrote above review. The first piece of defective ... Second exchanged while I wait :-) - functioned without problems. I do not know whether it would Alza did not have those drives forward for some time preskúšavať = it looks like on the failed series - Rework
Great and very fast disk I suggest ... :-)
Quickly settling the claim
Quality of packs first disc was defective
very quiet smooth and RAID little heated
this capacity and pricing would be better suited 128 or 256 megabytes cache
for such products, I would like to see better (better) Packaging
I do not know now. WD's popular brand of disc my ....
faulty piece
Good HDD. The only problem was that my PC would not recognize him, and while I was playing with before I solve it. transmission speeds are very decent Minutes 203.15 Mb / s reading of 244.97 Mb / s.
Good transmission rate of Silent Price
The pack is not to him, no cable Win7 I did not know him recognize the (possible fault with me, but it turned out that by a manager in Rs)
The Zyxel 310 very slow Approximately 17 megabytes / s can not let go of him video without cutting. Unclear speed - IntelliPower. Replacement for Seagate Barracuda 7200ot / 2,000 gigabytes, now copying the same file about 40 MB / s, video and everything goes without problems.
Disk I got as a Christmas present. Immediately after the purchase was a dud, but it weird clicks and refuses to even fully spin. Sent a complaint.
Broken Poor packaging. Disk is not supplied screws Price