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WD Purple 4TB

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WD Purple 4TB

Reliable security system
Due to the modern WD Purple 4TB drive.

WD Purple
Tool for security systems

WD Purple

Nothing feels better than security. Protect your property and your loved ones, or supervise the business that you have personally built with your diligence and hard work. You can do this using the monitoring storage by one of the largest manufacturers of hard drives in the world. WD Purple 4TB is designed to withstand very high temperatures and continuous operation of safety monitoring systems.

Disc packed with modern technology

AllFrame technology will ensure superior reliability and easy installation of a security system for your home, a small or medium-sized business, even during continuous monitoring at high resolution.
FirmWare update for WD Purple 4TB uses ATA technology to reliably eliminate video quality degradation and cuts.

Disc packed with modern technology

Storage for monitoring WD Purple

Forget the traditional hard disk drives

Forget the traditional hard drives

Surveillance storages are built differently than regular drives for desktop computers, and so they are compatible with a wide range of security systems and are designed for continuous operation of the monitoring system at high resolution. They even withstand high temperature fluctuations and vibrations.

Optimized performance, low power consumption

WD Purple drives are optimized for up to 64 cameras to ensure that the security of your property is truly complete. The disc can calculate optimum search speed, thereby dramatically reduce power consumption. 

Optimized performance, low power consumption
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Use For servers, Data storage, For monitoring systems, Internal

Type and capacity

Format (Form Factor) 3,5"
Storage capacity 4,000 GB (4 TB)


Colour Silver


Read Speed 150 MB/s
Write speed 150 MB/s
Memory cache 64 MB


Maximum power consumption 5.1 W
Typical power consumption 4.5 W
Standby consumption 0.4 W (400 mW)


Weight 680 g (0.68 kg)


Width 101.6 mm (10.16 cm)
Height 26.1 mm (2.61 cm)
Depth 147 mm (14.7 cm)


Disc Series WD Purple
Code:  FW230s1
Warranty: 36 months
Product Number:  WD40PURZ