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WD Blue Mobile 1TB

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Stacked I, founded the works. At least for now, we'll see Kolko it lasts. I do not have an extra disk speed requirements, so it gave me neprislucha evaluated. Akurat, by ALZA could popracovat wreck on the packaging method, shove the disc into a bent piece of cardboard is perhaps became too lacnota. Otherwise spokojnost
Temperature came to me broken piece
Installed in NB and works (week)
Ask for four years ... Last disk WD5000BEKT left with the data.
SATA III low power consumption (ideal as an external USB drive)
nothing yet
Compared with an older my hdd much tichsi operation
Nothing - the real capacity of 931Gb
price quietness
yet any
PS3 to use and quick installation
The excellent hard drive from Western Digital What can I say ...
Reliable, fast
proven product that meets its parameters
makes it was produced whereupon
Hard drive fully meets expectations. The laptop has replaced the original HDD of another brand with which it began to show a fault. Now everything is OK.
Reliable HDD, a good brand.
I do not know
I bought into the PS3 and everything OK super drive at a good price
decent capacity good price for me the best brands
WD quality products have a good experience, because odporúčam
quiet with a sufficient power of
nothing yet
It works reliably
While none
Speed ??Reliability Minimal use
It is little heard could also be supplied with screws
The best brand of HDD Speed ??Dependability
I vary the disk in a laptop for your old 500GB Slap this as hodinky..Odporučili me directly in Alze.Díky much !!
Quiet, easy and fast ...
Odpočúčam problem when installing in PC enclosures because it is small but otherwise fine
Good price Speed
size :-(
Used to drive Axago external box with an integrated USB cable, connectivity problems when you install the drivers, thanks to Ask Tool for IE - first uninstall, otherwise the driver will not install now OK.
I use the disk as a replacement PVR, I demand the disk that will not be disturbed by noise and traffic Tv will warm up. These parameters disk fulfilled.
does not heat the quiet
Quiet fast
It works seamlessly
Although parameters is comparable to the competition, but more of a specialist in moderately favored brand WD - while his bunch Nelutujem
Compared with WD3200BEVT that I nahradzal: better bandwidth, improved I / Ops lower consumption tichsi
Drive off me tendneciu because of the power saving when idle a few seconds after disables - when used as a system disk is essentially every moment of the operating system, which by its set of accesses is forced to start again
Low price (relatively) still running, so it's too early to
way packaging is terrible, but it is a general problem of manufacturers.
I am very satisfied.
The disc is neslišitelný the Macbook Pro. I use two weeks and does not seem to me that the operation had a significant impact on battery life.
Included are locating screws. I have not changed for disk drive, but the DVD drive, and I missed them. Vzlhedem the price screws are Halířová item.
Maybe it's a wreck slower than 7200 RPM but the team I do it nonetheless Siel's Laptop version that staci 5400
Price capacity Very low noise level
Large capacity at a low price :)
quality brand hdd / price ratio better than 500 gigabytes capacity and a smaller quieter than earlier models of the same series
yet no
Quality of realativně large disk capacity and at an affordable price.
HDD-quality at a reasonable price
Very low power consumption Total silent
Western Digital good price / much space as an extension of the disk space in a notebook with frames priceless
Sufficient for my need.
Reliable and economical disk at a good price.
Price, saves notebook battery
Disk I bought because I went scorpio black, so I opted for a variant = Win8 ssd, hdd = data.
capacity prize temperature ntb ok (compared Scorpio Black that also because it departed after 2 years), the rate for data at ease
yet any
Compromise between price and quality
Specifications and price
Quiet, after plugging the cable into the chassis and closing NTB OS installation without long formatting. The ratio of capacity / price.
So far I have not found
Quiet operation
I am generally satisfied with the disc.
Subjectively, it seems to me that it is slower than my previous disk (eg. When swapping). But I did not carry out measurements, or somehow compare the parameters. If you require a faster drive, you'd better take a closer look at the parameters / tests.
you'll only want to deliver two things, firstly, hard disk size of 2.5 inches but belong to a PC in a notebook;) and secondly the fact that the package corresponds to a similar disc is produced for every tonne and shall not be packed separately into boxes, the packaging is a film in which Set
the rate of transmission pladba
The user some of which are Reviews for this product
Cheap replacement for the old broken disk for little money and a 3 year warranty
Some of the piece tends to be noisier
lower consumption, classic drive at a nice price
Nothing I can think of in this category
Silent Price
Bulk packaging (about it cheapens)
everything OK
fee for pick up goods at the branch office
I bought two disks to external files, optionally backup, which then shove into a small external boxes and collected it and have to go. I use it primarily ICYBOX 120CL-U3. Since the discs are open enough and I crawled on such a parameter such as noise.
Quiet, fast, low vibration, SATA III, price.
comparative silence disk at a reasonable price for normal use
price / richlost
I find it slower.
I am satisfied
Older MacBook Pro (Core2Duo) that drive the life of me could not see, luckily I had found another application.
the price, quality
Capacity Speed
probably no
Good price still works perfectly
low power consumption
functions as ma
nothing to say
It works as intended. It is not particularly noisy, and the speed is good. It is small and nicely fits everywhere.
wd quality
uk best brand speed
It also works in PS3 without formatting
Good choice
Price, reliability ...
nothing yet
Low power consumption and price.
normalny disk
still works flawlessly installed on the less-used desktop
yet undetected
Before I bought the disk I already owned several of his siblings, read a few reviews and tested in practice and working version with lower capacity. What I am expecting from the drive and got a reasonable price. Main advantages: Easy to install reliable low noise and fast response temperature altogether can použíz as a system disk main disadvantages: I have nothing major to come
Low temperatures quietness Reasonable rate
I have a nice quiet around 4 WD HDD, SSD in addition to, and not yet satisfaction, and low noise.
container as a sachet, it still does not know how to habituate :)
WD is a bomb, although not for NAS, where it goes after 3 years, but Blue are really reliable and quiet.
Only those speeds could be longer 7200rpm, but it would have to be Black.
good price
while pedaling without defects
Quiet, fast and most importantly new
yet nothing but the price could be other better, how about a 1 in 5 dolárek kaček, Uííííííííííííííí
yet in operation shortly solid ratings
meets expectations
universal disk for normal use: kancelaria, internet, HTPC and the occasional game. tichy price / performance (who needs super speeds must pay extra SSD) 7 mm profile (suitable to notebooks and mini ITX lockers)
no, only time will tell
slowness :(
constantly clicks, it's just annoying wrapped in bubble wrap, next time you buy a HDD rather expensive in the proper box
goes so far;)
instead I got a 750GB hard drive 700 gigabytes
HDD works as it should, but it is worth mentioning how your goods delivered. I'll be picked up at the branch on Lužinách where you hand transmit a grubby piece of bubble wrap, which is packaged in internal HDD. The question of where the original box with instructions will tell you that the goods are in order and "it's always like this passes." Buying on Alzey? Never again, thank you.
Very quietly HDD fast Reasonable price also fit the 9.5 mm caddy Easy Installation
Besides the SSD really slow
Very quietly Cheap Fast classic HDD
Slow versus SSD When you lift this internal drive passed wrapped in bubble wrap, without any original box and instructions