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WD Blue Mobile 1TB

€44.37 without VAT

WD Blue Mobile 1TB

This fast, quiet and reliable 2.5" Blue Mobile HDD is designed especially for laptops, portable databanks and other portable devices. Thanks to its compact design with a height of only 7mm, it also fits into the lower 2.5" position of smaller devices. You do not even have to worry about switching from a smaller HDD to a drive with a larger capacity, because you can download the great Acronis True Image cloning software from the WD user support pages.

A Trusted Technical Solution

WD Blue disks are manufactured according to WD's highest standards of quality and reliability. It offers features and basic capacities that perfectly match your computer's requirements. WD Blue has been carefully designed by the brand you trust, and in the outstanding quality that you would expect from it. It offers a proven and time-tested solution for your everyday data storage needs.

Trusted technical solution

Quality and reliability

Modern classic

Modern technology for a high performance

A Classic in the Modern Age

WD Blue hard disks are designed and built using the same technology that you'll find on the original hard disk drives which were designed for desktop computers and mobile devices, and for which WD has won a number of awards. These hard disks also set the basic standards for everyday data storage. Every new generation has a level of performance superseding the previous one, with all currently existing six generations still maintaining the quality and reliability of the WD brand.

Choosing the Right One for You

WD Blue Series disks offer a wide range of basic capacities, cache sizes, dimensions and interfaces. No doubt that among them you will find one that perfectly suits the needs of your system.

The strength of your choice

Meets your requirements

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Type and capacity

Format (Form Factor) 2.5"
Storage capacity 1,000 GB (1 TB)
Disk capacity 1,000 GB (0.98 TB)


Width 69.85 mm (6.99 cm)
Height 7 mm (0.7 cm)
Depth 100.2 mm (10.02 cm)


Weight 90 g (0.09 kg)


Disc Series WD Blue


Use For computers, For laptops, Internal


Memory cache 128 MB
Special features Advanced Format
Maximum loudness 21 dB


Typical power consumption 1.5 W
Standby consumption 0.1 W (100 mW)
Code:  FW729d1
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  WD10SPZX
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