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WD Black Mobile 500GB

€50.85 without VAT

WD Black Mobile 500GB

for your notebook.

WD 2,5 "
Black Mobile

Rychly pevný disk Black Mobile

A fast, dependable hard drive reflecting Western Digital’s decades of expertise in the industry, the new Black model builds on this legacy. Featuring a dual processor and massive dynamic cache, the WD Black delivers high performance no matter your computing needs. The 2,5” design and low power consumption make it ideal for use in mobile devices such as notebooks and ultrabooks.

High performance

Sophisticated performance-enhancing features deliver the speed you need for demanding applications like photo and video editing and internet gaming.

Upgrading your existing hard drive to a WD Black is made easy with Acronis True Image cloning software available for download on the WD support page.

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Award-winning reliability

No compromises

High performance, great capacity, extraordinary reliability, and state-of-the-art technology make the WD Black ideal for those who want only the best .

Feature rich

High performance 7200 RPM Class spin speed, 32MB cache, and SATA 6GB/s interface for the ultimate in power computing for notebooks.


WD = Quality Guarantee

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Use For laptops, Internal

Type and capacity

Format (Form Factor) 2,5"
Storage capacity 500 GB (0.5 TB)


Colour Black


Memory cache 32 MB


Maximum power consumption 2.3 W
Typical power consumption 1 W
Standby consumption 0.5 W (500 mW)


Weight 92 g (0.09 kg)


Width 69.85 mm (6.99 cm)
Height 7 mm (0.7 cm)
Depth 100 mm (10 cm)


Disc Series WD Black
Code:  FW731o
Warranty: 60 months
Product Number:  WD5000LPLX
Links: Manufacturer's Website: