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Watch Dogs Complete Edition - Xbox One

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Watch Dogs Complete Edition - Xbox One

Watch Dogs has caused quite a stir on the gaming scene with its innovative gameplay. If you somehow managed to miss this game, you now have the perfect chance to make amends. Watch Dogs Complete Edition is the ultimate version which includes all released add-ons and complete Czech subtitles. 

Complete Edition contents

  • Complete Season Pass
  • Access Granted DLC
  • Bad Blood DLC
  • Conspiracy DLC

A gripping story

The protagonist, Aiden Pearce, lives in Chicago, a city watched over by the city computer ctOS (Central Operating System). It is linked to profiles and accounts of people, traffic lights, subways, electricity and CCTV cameras. However, the private companies running the system trade all gathered data about citizens. To beat them, you will need to adopt their own methods, invade privacy, violate laws, and commit other crimes like hacking or property damage.

Explore an  open world in all possible ways

The detailed city provides a wide range of gaming options and plenty of entertainment. With a unique connection to an iPad app, you can track what's going on in the game in real time. You can also use it as a map when playing the game.

A revolutionary way of completing missions

Sure, you can try to shoot your way through the city, but you'll probably encounter a dead end soon. You will be better off using a special phone, which is a vital element of the game and can help you come out on top in every situation. Why not use it to stop public transport and cause chaos, or to set off a fake robbery alarm in a bank to provoke a huge police response? This game lets you play any way you want.

A truly living city

Dynamically changing weather, over 3000 basic character types, and endless possibilities of each variation of stories and objects. Watch Dogs has created a truly revolutionary system of living people. Unlike other games, where people just wander around and are randomly generated, people in Watch Dogs have real stories and everything feels alive.

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Game and movie series Watch Dogs


Type Game
Platform Xbox One , Xbox Series X
Licence Box
Key for Xbox Live


Genre Action, FPS/Shooting, Adventure game
Topic / Subgenre Story


Multiplayer Online


Text CS , EN , DE
Dubbing EN , DE

PEGI rating

Age limit 18 year(s)
Game content descriptors Profanity, Gambling, Violence, Online


Platform Xbox - box
Edition basic

Virtual reality

Virtual reality Not supported

Next-gen optimisation

Next-gen optimisation Not optimised for Next-Gen

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