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VitaSeat Decor Montoya - black pattern

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VitaSeat Decor Montoya - black pattern

The only way to prevent the consequences of long-term sitting

With the ergonomic VitaSeat Decor Montoya, you will always feel comfortable when sitting. It fits perfectly onto any chair or seat in the car. Prevent unpleasant consequences from long-term sitting and rely on VitaSeat - your body will be grateful. With its sophisticated shape, you simply fold it and it goes with you wherever you need, it fits into your backpack or you can use it as a pillow. Inside the seat, you will find a high-quality, double-sided filling which you'll appreciate because of its breathability. You can wash the base and filling manually up to 30°C.

VitaSeat Decor Montoya and its key features

  • Prevention of medical complications caused by long sitting
  • The special shape allows for folding
  • Design suitable for cars, offices and home settings
  • Permanent moulding with a breathable layer
  • Durable textile cover (ideal for long-term use)
  • It can also be used as a pillow
VitaSeat Decor Montoya

VitaSeat Decor Montoya

A seat cushion for any chair or seat in the car

Nowadays, a number of professions require long sitting sessions, but this can have a detrimental effect on the human body. The uniquely patented VitaSeat cushion will fit into the office or in the car, and you can also use it for watching TV or work with your computer. You'll notice that when you use it you are less tired, it's easier to concentrate, and you will have more energy at the end of the day. You are sure to enjoy a better physical and mental well-being. VitaSeat is also a suitable aid for medical problems associated with back pain while sitting.

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Booster seat material Foam
Coating material Textile
Cover Breathable, Washable
Colour Black


Location For chair, For car seats
Ergonomics Double-layer padding


Height 4 cm
Width 43.5 cm
Depth 43.5 cm


Accessory type Seat cushion
Code:  VTS004a
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  VSD-CP-MON
Links: Manufacturer's Website: