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Viking Bravo 400W

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Viking Bravo 400W

This mobile battery generator will provide you with the power to power electrical appliances in a variety of conditions where electricity is often unavailable. You can use it in the garden, in camps, in family trips, on fish, and can serve you at home in the event of a power failure. Viking Bravo can easily handle smaller electronics and larger appliances with a power consumption of up to 400 W: you can include a TV, a computer, a fan, a portable refrigerator, any garden equipment, an electrical box, and a variety of other appliances. Additionally, the generator has a BMS battery control system that prevents discharging and overcharging, and is guarded to prevent damage to the connected devices.

Key features of the Viking Bravo 400 W battery generator

  • You get a reliable electricity source in conditions where it is not normally available
  • In the event of a power failure, you will have a backup power supply for home appliances
  • You can charge the generator in three ways (AC adapter, car charger, solar panel)
  • Thanks to high quality batteries, Viking Bravo 400's performance does not drop over time
  • BMS will protect your connected devices from discharging, overcharging & high temperatures

Areas & Opportunities for using the Viking Bravo 400 W

  • Home, office, construction, garden
  • Family trips
  • Markets & sales events
  • Shooting or filming major social events
  • Supply of outdoor lighting, amplifiers, refrigeration ...
  • Connecting medical devices or other rescue equipment
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Weight 5,300 g


Height 23.3 cm
Width 14.8 cm
Depth 23.7 cm


Maximum power 400 W
Voltage 230 V
Weight 5.3 kg


Battery capacity 108,000 mAh
Battery type Li-Ion


Outputs USB-A with QC, 12V car socket, DC 6 mm
Inputs DC
Output current 10 A
Output voltage 230 V
Max. output 600 W
Function Charging via solar panel
Code:  VKNG003
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  VBRAVO400
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