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Verified Male Fertility

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Verified Male Fertility

The Verified Male Fertility home test is a fast and reliable male fertility test designed for home use. Couples who long for a baby and have difficulty with fertilization can test quickly and reliably in the comfort of their home to know whether the problem of fertilizing an egg is on the man's side, or not. This home test will verify if the sperm of the tested male contains sufficient sperm to fertilize an egg. Only a small amount of ejaculated sperm and seven minutes of your time will be sufficient to obtain the results of this test.

Key Features of the Home Test Verified Male Fertility

  • Reliable home test to verify male fertility
  • The test quickly checks whether the sperm of the male contains sufficient sperm for egg fertilization
  • Results of the Verified Male fertility home test can be subtracted in 7 minutes
  • Comfortable home testing by means of a small amount of ejaculated sperm

Take a sample of the ejaculate sperm and leave it for 20 minutes in a clean container. After this interval, extract the sperm into the syringe to be mixed with the solution. Drip this mixture into the cassette and wait 7 minutes to obtain the results.

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