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Verbatim 2.5" Store 'n' Go USB HDD 2,000GB - Black

103 customers rated
2 000+
customers have purchased
90 %
customers recommend
Super, all functional
While none
I've had three and I'm totally satisfied
disk capacity, disk size, color a little cool to fit into a container Case Logic EHDC101K cable with quick and easy operation
Rychke copying files
Capacity, reliability, speed
Nothing yet
Designs a nice blue color shines :) Funknčne okay, no problem. Relatively fast data transfer.
Yet I have not notice any
Large capacity, small quiet, reliable
everything, small, nice, usb transfer happen to good, can be faster and pay more. While spoojnost
Eychlost and easy connection
I did not
everything works as it should, it is quiet and spacious
must buy a package, the cable is shorter than 500 gigabytes
I can not assess
4 hours after buying the complaint does not load