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Verbatim 2.5" Store 'n' Go USB HDD 1TB - Silver

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I have a brief but it works well and quickly via USB 3.0, and I am very happy with the speed of the tears, for about 15h of order, I thought it was the branch office to the camp.
nice design rychly via USB 3.0, small and light surface is a dim streborny what shows no sign of imprints
as for whom the LED light is weak and accommodates the loop on the side of the connector, but at least it will not interfere vas some blue shimmer over night :) este One little mistake krasy does not have anti-skid pad / rubber band so it was on the table to skid but when you have it flat on a table and nenarabate hundredth so it's cool :)
It works exactly as it has no futility moreover, no need drivers or firmware hrozněchytrý (unlike similar WD drives) It looks sturdy fairly well settled powersaving (automatically hw)
light & fast adequate price
I'm missing rubber feet
It works reliably
yet no
Carefree Pacific
I recommend exactly meet my expectations
Fast, reliable memory.
No negative.
It is super! Light, fast downloads. After buying and testing, I immediately bought another one. I have a black and silver now. I recommend.
It is small, lightweight, is super. I recommend !!!
He has drawbacks.
by itself with sleep patterns (GNU / Linux)
Small and fast
I spokojená's a good thing ... a shame that the surcharges for paints ..
Choose this product has forced the fact that pensioner incomes in this State shall be equal to alms and better, I could not afford to. This product is as good as any other of a similar price, but in Alzey that many did not have a choice. External drives Verbatim Store 'n' Go 1TB, USB 3.0, 53071, after one week of use, it is difficult to evaluate - while working.
1. Large capacity disc 2. Relatively good price (could be about € 10 cheaper = € 59)
Because it has a large capacity and so far I am satisfied.
quality and price
it works
everything OK
Affordable - Experience with the previous model Verbatim I am also positive
small compact format FAT 32
This product advised me know so I said to you that he try out. Treads according to my expectations. It is quiet, small, it can be obscure hocikam, etc. into her purse. Whilst the product is smooth, we'll see later. This disc can only be advisable. :)
So far without any problems Copy Speed ??handsome look Dimensions
Miss-slip feet
thin, fast and works even when connected to a TV via USB.
it could be a little longer connecting káblik- "so that only 99%"
fulfills its purpose
Great for backing up data from a PC.
Performs expected
The product can only recommend. I'm on him all the data that I needed, and still there is space galore :-) device is silent, the installation is performed alone without difficulty on all computers to which you've subscribed. Recommended.
speed capacity plant size
nothing yet
even after half a year is ok
sometimes it is loud
Yes I recommend I was recommended this product.
quiet little quick easy installation easy operation chic look
without a case
Unfortunately, I can not evaluate it's Christmas presents
small fast noiseless large capacity
short cable
Lightweight, space saving USB3 compatible with USB2 enough for casual users - I recommend.
It is still higher price
It works as intended.
Short cable.
Design zero noise and low vibration,
nice, fast, elegant
Cable could be longer
The goods I am absolutely happy. I was intrigued by this product and because of cost. The product still trying week, and no big deal I've not found any. Only cable could be longer.
Lightweight. Super capacity. Terrific speed. Gorgeous appearance. Excellent price.
Short cable.
Short cord
Design and small footprint High capacity at an affordable price
Does indicator
Poor quality piece, which I do not trust. Cheap price is redeemed fórovým processing. Verbatim simply do not.
Quick Compact At first glance handsome
Poor-quality plastic silver color very quickly rubs Loud
grapes disk furlough after I came home vitešeni that I view all photos and disk even nezčital the repair we said that under 300e can fix it and claims becos I have not done anything would nom was not
almost all