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Types of Laptop Adapter Connectors


A regular laptop has several connectors. Among the most used ones are, of course, USB for various accessories, HDMI for connecting an external display, LAN for network connectivity and finally, there must be also a power connector. How does it look like? Is it the same for most laptops, or is it different with every brand?

Notebookový adaptér; koncovka;

Laptop Adapter Connector Types - CONTENTS

  1. Evolution of power connectors for laptops
  2. Possible problems with the power connector
  3. The most common types of connectors
  4. The connector affects the selection of the charger

Evolution of power connectors for laptops

Dozens of different manufacturers have historically been involved in the production of laptops. And with so many different brands, it was clear that implementing a standardized power connector would not be easy at all. We currently have about up to 10 different power connectors, but things are looking up. Yes, we are talking about the multifunctional USB-C connector, which, depending on the interface used (ideally Thunderbolt 3 or higher), can transmit not only data and sound, but also power.

The double-sided USB-C connector is the future of laptops power supply. After all, Apple has only been using USB-C for a couple of years. Other producers are also gradually moving this direction. We can only hope that within two or three years, the vast majority of newly sold laptops will be equipped with a USB-C connector.

Univerzální napájecí kabel;AlzaPower;
The modern AlzaPower cable supports the latest USB 3.2 Gen1 (5 Gb / s) standard with USB-C type connectors. With a high output of up to 60 W, it can easily handle charging laptops, but also other devices such as mobile phones, tablets, power banks and more.

Possible problems with the power connector

A damaged, torn or loose power connector in the notebook is a fairly common defect. You will often notice it only when the laptop stops working. There is no contact with the power supply, the battery stops charging and the laptop does not turn on once the battery discharge. Definitely do not try to repair it yourself, but contact the service immediately.

The most common types of connectors

Take a look at the list of connectors that are currently most commonly used.

Connector type Brands: Connector illustration:
USB-C Apple, Microsoft, Lenovo, Asus, HP, Dell, Acer, Honor, Toshiba, Huawei Konektor Asus EEE; 2,48/0,70 mm
Apple MagSafe Apple Konektor MacBook; Apple MagSafe
Lenovo Slim Tip (11 × 4,5 mm) Lenovo Konektor Lenovo; Square yellow
4,0/1,70 mm Lenovo Konektor 4mm;Lenovo
4,5/3,0 mm Dell, HP Konektor 4,5mm;Dell;HP
5,50/1,70 mm Acer Konektor Acer; 5,50/1,70 mm
3,0/1,0 mm Acer Konektor Acer; 3,0/1,0 mm
4,0/1,35 mm Asus Konektor Asus VivoBook; 4,0/1,35 mm
5,50/2,50 mm Asus, MSI, Dell, HP, Fujitsu Konektor Asus, MSI, Dell, HP, Fujitsu; 5,50/2,50 mm
3,50/1,35 mm Umax Konektor Umax VisionBook; 3,50/1,35 mm

The connector affects the selection of the charger

Of course, the type of power connector is directly related to choosing the right charger. For most users, the adapter which comes with the laptop is enough, but sometimes it is necessary to buy a second one. For example, due to frequent travel or if you loose the original one.

Univerzální notebookový adaptér 90 W; Connect IT;
CONNECT IT universal laptop adapter 90 W. The package includes 12 interchangeable terminals with a practical holder.

When choosing a laptop charger, make sure you choose the right one. This will not be a problem with new laptops. For the older ones, it can get complicated, but it can always be solved by using various attachable connectors.

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