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Trezor T - A Hardware Wallet for Cryptocurrency


After the success of the first generation of hardware wallets, TREZOR is offering another, improved wallet, ​which is called the TREZOR T. The new model promises better security, along with a modern and intuitive environment for easy management of all your cryptocurrencies. What specific innovations can we expect from the TREZOR T wallet? And why should we use hardware wallets? The answers can be found in our article!

 TREZOR T; hardware wallet

Why is it Good to Own a Hardware Wallet?

In addition to bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencies gain popularity every day. For some, the management and storage of these resources may be a difficult task, since it is associated with a variety of security risks. There have been countless instances in history when users with stored cryptocurrencies in online software wallets have come under attack by hackers and malicious malware. Hardware wallets effectively suppress these risks and offer the safest way to store, convert, and pay with them.

i Ordinary transfers or payments with cryptocurrencies looks like this - enter the exact amount and the recipient's public address, then confirm the transaction with a password. In the end, the software wallet keeps your private keys that will try to sign the transaction. So, if your computer or other devices are infected with a "smart" virus, your password, including your private keys, and therefore your entire fortune, can easily be stolen.

The TREZOR T is a Descendant of the Most Popular Bitcoin Wallet

The TREZOR T is a portable, encryption hardware device that will keep your coins stored in a safe place. In order to access your cryptocurrencies, the TREZOR T wallet, in which your private keys are stored, must be connected to a computer via a USB-C cable. You will then be prompted to enter the preset PIN, and the TREZOR T will only start communicating with the computer when it successfully receives the specified PIN.

TREZOR T; hardware wallet; USB cable

What makes TREZOR T so safe is that all operations requiring confidential data (PIN, transaction information, private key confirmation, etc.) are done exclusively on the device screen and not on your PC. Confidential information and your private keys on the TREZOR T are therefore immune to malware, a potential threat from your computer (including keyloggers), as well as hackers.

Touchscreen LCD and Powerful Core

Compared to the first generation, the TREZOR T is equipped with a 240x240 pixel LCD touch screen. Working with the device is so easy and intuitive with a touchscreen and modern user interface - installation and basic configuration can be handled by a layperson.

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A brand-new open-source firmware has been developed for the needs of the device, which should greatly facilitate the implementation of support for additional digital currencies. The performance of the wallet has also increased considerably, because of its new ARM Cortex-M4 processor. Additionally, the TREZOR T is equipped with a slot for a microSD memory card and a fast USB-C connector.

TREZOR T Supports 8 Different Cryptocurrencies

The TREZOR T wallet is able to store up to 8 different digital currencies at the same time. Specifically, these are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Zcash, and NEM. As mentioned above, the newly created open-source firmware inside the wallet should eventually lead to an even higher number of supported cryptocurrencies. With the new interface, switching between different cryptocurrencies is a matter of just a few clicks.

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The Transparent Wallet Management Environment of the TREZOR T

TREZOR offers several ways to manage your TREZOR T hardware wallet and the wealth stored in it. First of all, there is a TREZOR online wallet where you can easily communicate with your TREZOR T, check your balances, and also receive or send payments. The TREZOR wallet is available from all common browsers after installing the TREZOR Bridge special software. In addition, if you use Google Chrome, you can download the wallet directly into your app as an extension.

TREZOR Wallet; online wallet

Thankfully, you do not have to rely solely on your desktop computer every time. TREZOR Manager is available for all Android devices to control your TREZOR T through a smart phone or tablet. In order to connect a wallet to a portable device, you need to use a USB On-The-Go (OTG) cable, such as the AKASA USB-C 3.1. Other applications and wallets that work with the TREZOR T can be found on the manufacturer's website.

Losing Your Wallet No Longer Means Losing Your Money

What should you do if your wallet is stolen or simply lost or damaged? The TREZOR T takes care of this from the first moment you start using it - you will be asked to write down on paper and carefully store away 12 (or more) unique words that the wallet generates on its display. This word list is called the recovery seed and serves as the key to backing up your wallet. So, if your TREZOR T is lost for example, you can log-in to the online TREZOR wallet, and enter all 12 words you've written in order to get access to your private keys and all your cryptocurrencies.

i The private key is a secret number that allows you to handle your cryptocurrencies. Each wallet includes one or more of these keys, which are stored in the wallet file. Private keys can be stored in computer files or in QR codes. Simply put, the one who controls the private keys owns all the resources that are linked to them.

The TREZOR T Hardware Wallet is Not Only for Cryptocurrencies

An encryption wallet can be effectively used, even if you do not own any cryptocurrencies. Inside, the Password Manager allows you to safely store passwords as secure as cryptocurrencies.

In common password management applications, access to them is subject to a single "master" password, and this can be quite dangerous. The TREZOR T keeps your passwords encrypted in its memory and displays them on the screen, outside of your computer, after you have verified your PIN code. Password backup is achieved in the same way as a backup of private keys in cryptos, a sequence of unique words.

Do not be fooled, even TREZOR T does not provide 100% protection against all threats. Always pay attention to the security of your computer or phone, regularly update your antivirus programs and, if possible, follow the safe Internet browsing policy.