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TREZOR Bitcoin Wallet White

€51.53 without VAT

TREZOR Bitcoin Wallet White

The TREZOR Bitcoin hardware wallet in white keeps all of your electronic currency well supervised and safe from any potential hacker attacks. Do not wait any longer putting your savings at risk, and get this top of the line encryption safe which is designed to protect your digital currency, including electronic transactions.

Why buy Bitcoin Wallet?

  • Affordable encryption safe
  • Connection via micro USB
  • OLED display 128 × 64 pixels
  • Complete and total protection against keyloggers and hackers
  • Comfortable and intuitive operation
  • Backup option - Data recovery in case of loss

Pocket safe with a large T

The TREZOR Bitcoin hardware wallet provides the most trusted and secure way to store electronic currency, since it is connected to a computer via a USB cable, so remains completely isolated preventing easy access for hackers. All transactions within this device are the same as with standard currency transactions - entering recipients address conformation etc. However with this device the private key authentication process is done outside of the PC with multiple authentication levels and completed only one way.

Maximum security

All transaction information is displayed on screen and you only confirm manually, so hackers' attempts to prevent unauthorised software actions are impossible. The installation of this device is simple following the simple straightforward step by step instructions.

Supported Electronic currency

  • Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash/BCash, Ethereum (+20ERC tokens), Ethereum Classic, Namecoing, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Testnet.
  • For an updated list of supported currencies, please visit the manufacturer's website. Within this website, you'll also find links to a specific interface for that currency.


Additional information:

Desktop Support:
Windows, MacOS, Linux

Mobile Platform Support:

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Dimensions and weight

Width 30 mm
Height 60 mm
Length 6 mm
Weight 12 g
Warranty: 24 months
Links: Producer's Website: