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Teddies Play Gym Blanket - Butterfly

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Teddies Play Gym Blanket - Butterfly

The adorable Teddies Play Gym Blanket will be great fun for your little ones. It is shaped like a butterfly, which is smiling beautifully and has two antennas on its head. It is made of soft and health-conscious material. You can attach a play rack with three toys to the blanket - a butterfly, a flower, and a bee. The butterfly has rustling wings, the flower holds a mirror and the bee rattles. The baby can lie down and look at the moving toys. Later the child can play with them. The toys are hanging on small plastic rings, so you can easily remove them and change them to give the baby new stimuli. Hanging toys help to develop sensory skills, and the vivid colours stimulate vision.

Key Features

  • Blanket has soft raised edges
  • Pleasant and health-conscious material
  • Includes 3 toys
  • Happy Colours
  • Develops motor skills and sensory skills of the child
  • Suitable for children since birth


What You Must Know

Usage For girls
Suitable for 0 year(s), 0.08 year(s)

Play Mats

Type Play mat, Bar


Depth 81 cm
Width 54.6 cm
Play gym height 78.7 cm
Code:  HRAms202
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  8592190330323