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Step By Step Touch 2 - Unicorn

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Step By Step Touch 2 - Unicorn

The Step By Step Touch 2 - Unicorn school bag set contains all the necessities that every student requires for starting school prepared. This school briefcase has one large compartment that will hold everything needed for school and for extra curriculum activities. It'll also hold its shape even when empty. In addition to the school bag, this set also has a one-story flat pencil case. It's filled with various writing supplies that every student needs. The sack for slippers or trainers can also carry various items. All the essential utensils that won't fit in the folding pencil case can be put into the additional pencil pouch case. The straps on the backpack are adjustable, can be fit to be more comfortable and protect the spine. The briefcase bag has a lightweight construction, so you don't have to worry about your child lugging a heavy load. The adjustable chest strap also helps keep the backpack stable. The school briefcase bag features an anatomically shaped back, that perfectly fits the wearer's spine. The Hama school set is intended for kids starting from ages 6 year(s). This school briefcase backpack has a weight of. This school briefcase backpack with a volume of 21 l will fit essential school supplies and much more.

Step By Step Touch 2 - Unicorn School Backpack Set Key Features

  • School set designed for girls
  • Briefcase backpack will fit all school necessities
  • Set includes one-story folding pencil case equipped with important school writing utensils
  • Sack can hold trainers or slippers
  • Features front pocket with zipper closure
  • Adjustable shoulder straps protects the spine
  • Backpack features lightweight construction
  • Adjustable chest strap keeps the briefcase bag stable
  • Briefcase backpack perfectly adapts to the wearer's spine

Step By Step Touch 2 - Unicorn Briefcase Backpack Additional Features

This briefcase bag automatically shapes to the wearer's back, which will keep your child healthy. The backpack has side pockets that close with a zipper that can hold a wallet or mobile phone. The adjustable shoulder straps help make it more comfortable to wear. There's also an adjustable chest strap to help fit the load on the back and keeps the backpack in the proper place. The chest strap can also be removed. This backpack is made with a lightweight construction to help keep the wearer's spine healthy. The solid bottom keeps the bag's shape even when it's empty. It'll be very comfortable to wear since it has padded shoulder straps.


What You Must Know

Usage For girls
Suitable for 6 year(s)

Schoolbags, backpacks, and bags

Weight 0.9 kg
Capacity 21 l
Accessories Adjustable shoulder straps, Anatomically shaped back, Adjustable chest strap, Hard bottom, Breathable back padding, Lightweight construction, Pencil case, Padded Straps, Zipped side pockets, Carabiner keychain, Removable chest strap

Dimensions (H × W × D)

Height 38.5 cm
Width 33 cm

School set

School set contents Briefcase , Pencil case with a complete stationery set , Bag for gym shoes/work-out clothes , Case

Pencil case

Number of floors One-story
Features Complete set


Features Empty

Slipper bag

Equipment Front pocket with zipper
Code:  HRAif12565
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  138927