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Poopsie Surprise Unicorn - White and Pink

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 Your little princess will love the Poopsie Surprise Unicorn. She won't know what colour her new companion is until she opens the package. Is it pink or white? It's a surprise! When she opens the box, she'll find a cute little unicorn with a beautiful mane. It is wearing a T-shirt and a nappy and comes with a spoon and a collectible bottle with a straw. It's every little girl's dream. But this is only the beginning. The unicorn needs to be fed and sat on a glitter potty. One more sparkly surprise is waiting for you in the potty:  unicorn slime poop. Can you collect all four colour variants of the unicorn? It comes in white/pink or blue/violet.

 The Poopsie Surprise Unicorn Key Features

  •  Cute colourful Poopsie Surprise Unicorn is every little girl's dream
  •  The unicorn comes equipped with a collectible bottle with a straw, a keychain and other accessories 
  •  After being fed, the unicorn poops out colourful slime into the potty
  •  Different colours of poop in one package 
  •  The unicorn is pink or white - you won't know until you open the package. Surprise! 
  •  Collect all 4 colour variants: blue, purple, white, pink 
  •  The Poopsie Surprise Unicorn is suitable for children aged 3 and more

 Creative fun with the Poopsie Surprise Unicorn 

 You can decorate the poop in the potty with Unicorn Magic packs or glitter. Let your creativity run wild and your unicorn's poop will be an original! One Poopsie Surprise Unicorn kit allows you to make several colour combinations. When you run out of ingredients, you can get a refill package to make more slime. You can store your slime in a collectible keychain and put it on your school bag! 

 Package contents: 

 1 Poopsie Surprise Unicorn in white or pink
 4 packs of Unicorn Food 
 2 packs of Unicorn Magic 
 4 glitter packs 
 1 packs of glitter 
 Collectible bottle with a straw
 Collective keychain
 Glitter potty 
 Slime guide 

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