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OXY Fonts

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OXY Fonts

OXY Fonts will be used primarily by older students to store all the necessary tools to manage a normal school day. Pencil case is made of lightly washable material in black and pink design with inscriptions. The case is closed with a fixed zipper. Inside the case there is a small zippered pocket where students can store various details. The pencil case also contains a flap with fixed loops on both sides to hold the pencils. There is another space under the flap for free storage of writing instruments. With OXY Fonts , your student will have everything they need at hand.

Key features of OXY Fonts

  • From washable material
  • Black and pink design with lettering
  • Fixed zipper
  • There is a small zippered pocket inside
  • Flap on both sides with firm loops
  • Space for free storage of stationery
  • OXY Fonts is suitable for students

20.5 × 10 × 5 cm


What You Must Know

Usage For Everybody
Suitable for 15 year(s)


Depth 5 cm
Width 20.5 cm
Height 10 cm


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