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Nerf Elite Surgefire

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Nerf Elite Surgefire

Experience the Adrenaline Rush of the new Nerf Elite Surgefire

Experience the action with a Nerf gun. The rotating drum of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Surgefire holds 15 darts made of foam, so you can be sure your kids don't get hurt during play. Select your target and empty the entire clip within seconds. The range of this Nerf gun is an incredible 27 metres. Participate and enjoy the adrenaline-fuelled fun with your friends.

Reliable and Efficient Toy Guns

The large 15-dart drum magazine means more shots and therefore more fun. The efficient Slam Fire charging mechanism, along with the easy-to-use controls, ensures that the Nerf N-Strike Elite Surgefire can be quickly charged. The practical front-loading mechanism of the drum ensures very fast reloading even in the midst of a battle. As with all Nerf guns with pump action, handling of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Surgefire is easy and pleasant. On the plastic body of the gun, you will find three holes for strap attachment.

Nerf Elite Surgefire with 15 Darts

Key features of Nerf N-Strike Elite Surgefire

  • Drum magazine holds up to 15 rubber rounds
  • Range of up to 27 metres
  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • Safe foam arrows won't cause injuries
  • Suitable for for ages 8 and up

Nerf Elite Cartridges

In addition to the Nerf N-Strike Elite Surgefire toy gun, the box also contains 5 foam darts. Of course, you can use Nerf Elite darts of other lines as well (such as Zombie Strike or Modulus).

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What You Must Know

Suitable for 8 year(s)
Usage For Everybody
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Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  5010993445813