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Meadow Days Dynamic Gymini Tiny Love Playing Blanket

€76.12 without VAT

Meadow Days Dynamic Gymini Tiny Love Playing Blanket

The Tiny Love Playing Blanket with Gymini Meadow Days offers endless possibilities for fun for both a child's own game and for moments together with parents. It is the first deco that has offered the revolutionary sliding middle system and the flexibility of hinged removable toys with sliding rings. The new is a removable music box in the shape of a bird with recorded melodies and lights, which also offers the possibility of recording.It's a great way to capture the first baby's word.Playing Tiny Love Blanket is suitable for children since birth.

Key features of Tiny Love playing deck with Gymini Meadow Days

  • It develops a rough and fine motorcycle
  • The sliding center box plays and flashes
  • Contains several toy removable toys
  • The edges of the blanket can be lifted
  • The Gymini can be removed and the blanket used separately
  • Tiny Love Playing Deck can be washed in the washing machine
  • The product is patented and has received several international awards
  • Suitable for children since birth

The benefits of Tiny Love playing deck with a bar

Playing Tiny Love Blanket with Gymini Meadow Days provides great play space and fun for the demanding kids' hobby trail. The edges of the blanket can be lifted to create a nice space for play from which no toys can escape. The Gymini Meadow Days can be removed and only use a separate blanket. During the time spent on the baby, the baby stimulates his senses with bright colours and distinctive shapes (sight), music and rattlesnakes (hearing) and various textures and materials (touch).Playing Tiny Love Blanket encourages the child to lift the head and develop co-ordination of the eyes and hands. 

Playing Tiny Love Blanket with Gymini Meadow Days in each child's period

1-3 months
Let your baby experience the feeling of safety and coziness of a blanket with closed edges. Move the toy toys so that the baby can reach them without difficulty. In order to easily thrust into the toy and grab it later. 

3-6 months
Put the baby face to the mirror. Children love their reflection, which motivates them to become more active.

6 months and more
When the baby is sitting, leave her blanket and toys to explore just sitting.



Must additionally purchase AA batteries Yes
Battery type AAA
Number of batteries 3 piece(s)

What You Must Know

Usage For Everybody
Suitable for 0 year(s)

Play Mats

Type Play mat, Bar


Depth 110 cm
Width 90 cm
Code:  HRAif8100
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  7290108861013
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