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LEGO Boost 17101

€119.87 without VAT

LEGO Boost 17101

LEGO is always at the forefront of modern trends. Leading the LEGO Mindstorms series is the perfect LEGO Boost for small block builders and simple programming. The kit is enriched with interactive and motorized components that can be programmed by children exactly to their liking. Robot, cat, guitar, autobuilder and mini-modeling machine - five models in one paper box for maximum fun for kids, mums and dads. Just unzip it, build the selected model, install the LEGO app on your tablet and program activities and enjoy endless entertainment! The tablet application is free to download and includes instructions for building all the models.

Robots respond to human voice, move in all directions or recognise colours. They do exactly what you set them to do in your app. Five amazing projects in one package. Let children assemble robot Vernie, M.TR4, Guitar4000, Frankie's cat or AutoBuilder. LEGO Boost is designed for children from 7 to 12 years old.

Robot Vernie

Robot Vernie talks, goes back and forth, can turn and is a decent dancer. His sensor recognizes colours and distances. A command will fire a very "dangerous" spring. And besides all that, he is extremely cute!

Frankie's cat

Frankie the Cat likes to drink the butter from his bottle, sings perfectly, gracefully walks, and watches everything with his big eyes. He is also a gourmet - he likes to smell his fish bones. He loves to be pet - just watch his tail!


Training to become a rock star? Just build the LEGO Interactive Boost Guitar4000 and start playing! Thanks to the programmed sensor, sound and effects are triggered exactly as directed in the tablet.  


A machine that can build a machine? Why not! Everything you enter through the application is brought to life here. Just unpack the box, assemble AutoBuilder, click the program on the tablet application and see how a minirobot or other machine is made of coloured cubes.


You've got to try out the Multi-Toled Rover. Move him up, let him fire, go back and forth and discover what else he can do! The M.TR4 will get everyone's attention and everyone will want to have a turn! 

Key Features of LEGO Boost 17101

A new world of robots, interactivity and simple programming
Five LEGO models in one box
Robot control via tablet and free LEGO applications 
Includes an interactive engine and colour sensor
The kit contains 847 pieces
LEGO for the enjoyment of children from 7 to 12 years of age
LEGO Boost requires a tablet with iOS 10.3 (or later) or Android 5.0 (and later). To check the compatibility of your tablet, visit the LEGO site.

Package contents

840 LEGO pieces to build five models
LEGO Move Hub - Interactive engine and colour and distance sensor
Low-energy Bluetooth connectivity (BLE)
Two encoded motors
Activation button
Internal tilt sensor and light
Packaging does not contain tablets
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Must additionally purchase AA batteries Yes
Battery type AAA
Number of batteries 6 piece(s)

What You Must Know

Usage For Everybody
Suitable for 7 year(s)


Number of pieces 847 piece(s)
Range Technic
Theme Robots
Features Elektrické, Programmable
Launch year 2017

Programming for Kids

Controls Tablet
Toy height 27 cm
Programming type Blocks, For babies
Special functions Mobile app, Sound effects, Sound sensor
Code:  LO17101
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  5702015930000