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Lea Spinner Cross, Bronze

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Lea Spinner Cross, Bronze

An increasingly popular spinner brings plenty of fun that you can take anywhere with you. Spinner presses between two fingers and the third turns. Quality bearings will allow for long and quick spin, and your skilled hands can then try different tricks. Lea Spinner in the form of a Bronze Cross will become your quiet addictive companion in the school, the office and the means of transport. In short, wherever you need to shorten for a long time, relax or distract. The Spinner works perfectly even when you take away bad habits and quit smoking, it employs your hands and your brain. It also improves motoring, coordination and concentration.

Lea Spinner's main strength is the bronze cross

  • Unobtrusive, silent antistress aid
  • Spinner in bronze colour made of metal
  • An unusual shape with two lobes
  • Assembled with a high-quality bearing for fast and long rotation
  • Spinner lets you relax, relax, relax and practice your fingers
  • It can be used at home, at school, at work and on the go
  • It can also be used for craving badges
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