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The amazing KAPLA 100 Kit features 100 wooden planks stored in a practical package. This unique and original game gives one the ability to build without needing any small parts to join or attach the planks. Let imagination run wild when building a variety of impressive three-dimensional buildings inspired by this kit. Building inspiration can be found on the idea pad, which also serves as the lid of the box. This building kit was given "The Right Toy" award by the Association for Toys and Games. This durable and high quality toy will exercise ones mental and physical skills for years to come. Playing with the KAPLA 100 kit develops creative thinking, supports the development of fine motor skills, and improves coordination.

Key Features of the KAPLA 100

  • Made of quality wood
  • Precisely designed
  • In a practical package
  • An idea pad is part of the package and provides a lot of inspiration
  • Given "The Right Toy" Award by the Association for Toys and Games
  • Suitable for children ages 3 and up

How KAPLA 100 originated

A young art historian and antique furniture restorer, Tom van der Bruggen, is responsible for the creation of this original kit. His dream was to build his own medieval castle, which he had first attempted using wooden blocks. He soon found that the shape of classic blocks does not allow one to build roofs or floors. For this kit, he found inspiration in the wooden beams of medieval buildings, and after a number of experiments he chose an aspect ratio of 1:3:5, meaning the height is three times the thickness and the length is five times the height. You will be surprised by the many different objects you can build with these carefully crafted wooden planks.

KAPLA cares about quality

The special name of this kit, KAPLA, has its origins in the Dutch "Kabouter Plankjes," which freely translates to "magical wood." To make it truly magical, KAPLA selects the best quality wood, which is dried, cut on precise machines, carefully sorted and packaged. As a result of this demanding process, each plank is created with straight edges. Children will learn accuracy, patience, and the ability to work together when playing with this kit. The KAPLA 100 kit is also perfect for acquainting children with the concepts of center of gravity and balance. 

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What You Must Know

Usage For Everybody
Suitable for 3 year(s)

Building kits and puzzles

Material Wood
Number of pieces 100 piece(s)
Code:  HRAjd1418
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  814647002002