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What is Jenga Classic?

Jenga is an entertaining social game for 1 or more players from the age of 6 who want to test their patience and dexterity. The game starts with a tower made up of 54 wooden blocks. Players then take turns pulling out individual blocks and placing them on top of the tower, but they must be careful not to collapse it. Players are only allowed to use one hand and must always complete one floor before beginning to build another one. The player who collapses the tower during his turn loses.

Jenga Classic

A game for 1 or more players

Jenga is also suitable for single players. The rules for a single person are simple - build the highest tower and write down the number of floors. Then tell your friends and family and wait for someone to beat your score.

Who is the winner?

The player who last managed to place a block on the top without collapsing the tower is the winner!

Jenga Classic

Jenga Classic

Why choose Jenga?

  • Helps build patience
  • Brilliant fun for the whole family
  • Jenga blocks are made of quality wood
  • Suitable for any number of players aged 6 and over

Watch this video to learn how to play Jenga!

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What You Must Know

Usage For Everybody
Suitable for 6 year(s)


Language Czech

Games and puzzles

Product type Base game
Minimum number of players 2
Game length 10 min


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Warranty: 24 months
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