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Elektro Merkur

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Elektro Merkur

Ideal for primary school pupils who are in school for the first time - they'll learn the basics of magnetism, and also how an electrical current works and what it can do. All 88 experiments in electrostatics, electricity, magnetism, electromagnetism and electrochemistry explain, in an understandable and entertaining way, different scientific phenomena. The kit contains a detailed book of guidelines explaining inventions such as a telegraph, shunt motor, ammeter, electroplating. For these studies, a common stabilised supply of voltage should range from about 3-12V/1A.  A power source is not included in the kit.

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Suitable for 6 year(s)

Building kits and puzzles

Material Metal
Number of pieces 30 piece(s)
Code:  LO906
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  8592782003116
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