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Dobble is a sensational social game that offers great entertainment to the whole family. It can be played by 2 to 8 players and can be played by children from the age of 6. It's a game with very simple rules that you'll really learn very quickly. In Dobble, players compete with each other to find the matching symbol between one card and another. Every card is unique and has only one symbol in common with any other in the deck. The match can be difficult to spot as the size and positioning of the symbols can vary on each card. There are five different ways to play.


The Towering Inferno

Each player is dealt one card face down. The remaining cards are placed in the centre of the table face up. On a predetermined signal, the players simultaneously turn their cards and the player who first names the symbol that is similar to his or her card, takes the card. The game then proceeds with a new card turned over. The goal of the game is to get the most cards out of the pile and the game ends when all the cards have been picked up. 

The Well

Deal all the cards, one at a time, to all players, starting with the player who won the last mini-game. Place the last card in the middle of the table, face-up. Each player shuffles his or her cards and makes a draw pile placed before him or her, face down. The Object of the game is to be the fastest to get rid of all your cards – make sure you’re not the last!


Hot potato

This version of the game needs to be played in at least five rounds. On each round, give each player a card he or she will keep hidden in their hand without looking at it. Set the remaining cards aside. They will be used for the subsequent rounds. On go the players reveal their cards while making sure that all the symbols are clearly visible. As soon as a player finds the identical symbol between his card and an opponent’s card, the player names it and places his or her card on the opponent’s card. That opponent must now find the identical symbol between this new card and those of the remaining players. If that player manages to do so, all of his or her cards are given at once. 

Grab Them All

Just like Hot Potatoes, this version of the game needs to be played over several rounds. On each round, place a face-up card in the middle of the table and place around that card as many face-down cards as there are players. On go, each player flips (at the same time) one of the cards around the middle card. The players must find the identical symbol between the middle card and the cards which have just been revealed. As soon as a player finds an identical symbol, he or she names it, gains the card in question and sets it aside. As soon as all the revealed cards have been taken, the players place the middle card at the bottom of the draw pile and start a new round. The players keep the cards gained. When there are no longer any cards to be drawn, the mini-game stops and the winner is whoever gained the most cards.


The Poisoned Gift

Each player receives one card face down and the remaining cards are placed in the middle of the table face up. On go, the players flip their card face-up. Each player must spot the identical symbol between the card of any other player and the card from the draw pile. The first player to find an identical symbol names it, draws the middle card and places it on top of the concerned player’s card. By taking this card, a new card is revealed. The mini-game continues until all the cards from the draw pile have been gained.

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Product type

Product type Card game
Product type Base game

What You Must Know

Usage For Everybody
Suitable for 6 year(s)

Games and puzzles

Package contents Cards
Product type Base game
Minimum number of players 2
Maximum number of players 8
Game length 15 min


Language Czech, Slovak

Genres and topics

Genre Children's, Party, Travel, Observation


Product series Dobble
Code:  ZA054f
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  3558380011541
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