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Cobi Titanic 1914A

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Cobi Titanic 1914A

Do you have creative children that like to build models? They can spend hours of fun putting together the parts to make this realistic COBI Titanic model. The designers have included every detail of the original ship, including four chimneys, decks, lifeboats, masts and rotating turbines. You can also install wheels to enable your kids to play with the ship on the floor. The model can easily be built by small schoolchildren and will give them long-lasting entertainment while inspiring their imaginations. Once completed, the detailed model can be used as a toy, or take pride of place on display on your mantlepiece. This is the latest enhanced version of the model.

Key Features of the COBI Titanic Kit

  • Realistic Titanic model
  • Wheels enable your children to play with the ship on the floor
  • Rotating turbines
  • A glacier is included to reenact the sinking of the Titanic
  • Suitable for young school children

How to build a COBI Kit

COBI construction blocks are precisely manufactured and fit together perfectly. You can combine them with other COBI products and they are also compatible with all leading brands of building blocks. Once completed, the model becomes a toy and features several moving parts.

What Could the Real Titanic Do?

At the time it was built, the Titanic was the world's largest passenger steamer. It was designed to transport people between Europe and America. It has 29 steamers and the overall performance of all the machines was an incredible 55,000 horsepower. The Titanic could accommodate 2,603 ??passengers. It was 269 metres long and 28 metres wide. At top speed, the ship could reach  44kph. 

Dimensions of Model:
Length of assembled ship: 61.5cm
Height: 20cm
Box size (pack): 50 × 32 × 7cm
Package weight: 1350g

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What You Must Know

Usage For Everybody
Suitable for 84 months

Building kits and puzzles

Material Plastic
Number of pieces 600 piece(s)
Code:  HRAif8729
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  5902251019150
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