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Baggymax Fabby Unicorn

€80.69 without VAT

Baggymax Fabby Unicorn

This Baggymax Fabby Unicorn school bag set contains all the necessities that every student needs for their first year in school. This school briefcase has one large compartment that will hold everything needed for school and for extra curriculum activities. The backpack holds its shape even when it's not filled up. In addition to the backpack, this set also has a one-story flat pencil case. It includes various writing utensils and supplies that are needed for every student. The sack for slippers or trainers can also carry various items for school. The straps on the backpack are adjustable, help add comfort and help your child's back stay healthy. For extra protection, this school briefcase backpack has reflective features. The elastic pockets on the side can hold snacks and a water bottle. This Hama school set suits children starting from ages 6 year(s). This briefcase backpack has a weight of. The briefcase backpack with a volume of 18 l will fit all necessities for school.

Baggymax Fabby Unicorn School Backpack Set Key Features

  • School set designed for girls
  • Briefcase backpack will fit all school necessities
  • Part of the set is one-story folding pencil case equipped with important school writing utensils
  • Included sack can be used for trainers or slippers
  • Adjustable shoulder straps makes the briefcase backpack more comfortable to wear
  • Reflective features add protection year-round
  • Side pockets can fit a water bottle or snacks

Baggymax Fabby Unicorn Briefcase Backpack Additional Features

The shoulder straps are adjustable and allow the wearer to change it to make it fit perfectly. Its solid interior keeps the bag's shape even when it's empty. It'll be very comfortable to wear since it has padded shoulder straps. An important detail is the reflective features, which will help keep your child visible even during the evening.


What You Must Know

Usage For girls
Suitable for 6 year(s)

Schoolbags, backpacks, and bags

Weight 0.9 kg
Capacity 18 l
Accessories Adjustable shoulder straps, Reflective elements, Hard bottom, Breathable back padding, Side elastic pockets, Pencil case, Shoe Bag, Padded Straps

Dimensions (H × W × D)

Height 36 cm
Width 28 cm

School set

School set contents Briefcase , Pencil case with a complete stationery set , Bag for gym shoes/work-out clothes

Pencil case

Number of floors One-story
Features Complete set
Code:  HRAif9271
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  4047443325242
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