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Tom Clancys: Rainbow Six: Siege - PS4

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Experienced gameplaying veterans of tactical warfare games, will surely recall the Rainbow Six, where you have been assigned as an member of an elite police unit to enter the terrorist zone, seize it and save as many hostages as possible. Rainbow Six: Siege demonstrates this tactic in multiplayer. It features the new AnvilNext engine, which, along with Realblast realistic technology, modern graphics on your screen and you will feel right at the heart of the action.
Rainbow Six: Siege simply follows on from where the canceled Rainbow6: Patriots project ended. Experienced creators from Ubisoft Montreal have bourght a remarkable portion of realism to the game, which certainly belongs in the series.

Operators in action

The team of tactical operatives inevitably needs experts. Developers are now gradually representing individual gaming characters as you encounter them during the gameplay. Each of them with specific features, advantages and disadvantages. This further strengthens the tactical aspect of the game, as only a properly assembled team can be victorious. Among the new features introduced so far are: Sledge hammers capable of opennig armored doors, Mute that interrupts enemy communication, Smoke which provides a chemical garnet explosives that cause damage and at the same time covers the player, Thatcher with EMP grenades, Thermite demolition, and alternatively Castle which builds barricades and finally Ash which specialises in explosives and projectile weapons. Build your own team at your own discretion, but remember, your selection can greatly influence the outcome of the match.


Team play first

The aim of the game is to work as one of a five-member team and attempt to secure the designated territory and infiltrate the enemy's area while trying to protect and free the hostages. It is necessary to reccy an area effectively because the enemy can lurk around any and every corner. From now on, the possibility of multiple lives is eliminated, so each player will have only one life, just as in the previous Rainbow Six. High team communication is therefore a must - you have to rely on each other to fight your common goals. 


Procedural destructible environment

Thanks to RealBlast software, almost everything will be destroyed on the map. So be prepared for a destruction model that will have a significant impact on the outcome of the game. Walls of various materials, barricades and blockade - everything can be removed with the right amount of explosive or concentrated fire. Depending on the explosive the impact will have a different results. Rainbow Six: Siege will carry the player into the unexpected and unprecedented. 


Key features

  • Urgent online combat of terrorists and special tactical police forces.
  • Engine AnvilNext, providing next-generation graphics
  • Destroyable environment for different gaming situations
  • No respawn for the necessity of progress of the game
  • The player always has the ability to shoot - climb, build barricades or tilt
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Genre FPS
Platform PS4 - box
Edition Basic
Genre Action, FPS
4K resolution support Without 4K
Age restrictions 18 year(s)
Game content descriptors Profanity, Violence
Code:  MSX189
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  3307215889169
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