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Tinen 230V C5 with innovative plug 1m black

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Tinen 230V C5 with innovative plug 1m black

This power cord features an innovative plug design that makes it easy to remove from an electrical outlet. With its special design, this plug can be effortlessly removed from an outlet with just one hand. Grab the edge of the plug and press on the button with your thumb. This action aids in the removal of the plug from an outlet and prevents damage to the socket. Because of its properties, it is especially suitable for frequent removals or transfers.

Key features

  • Power cord with innovative plug
  • Easy to remove from the socket with one hand
  • Prevents damage to the socket
  • Safe and durable design
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Power supply

Supply Fork Type E, Charging cable for NTB


Type Connecting cable
Cable length 1 m


Colour Black

Current load

Maximum current load 16 A
Code:  TIN11
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  TP-01C51m
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