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Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition

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Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition

Does Italian red blood race in your veins? To mark the 70th anniversary of the Ferrari brand, the Thrustmaster brand features a top-of-the-line gaming steering wheel with a pair of levers, which is a faithful copy of the real-life steering wheel. The replica is so faithful that Ferrari gave its official license for it. The steering wheel is designed for the PC and, apart from the realistic design, it has a very responsive 40W-watt motor for particularly dynamic and powerful effects, plus enhanced feedback. The Motor Cooling Embedded system maintains dynamics with the new motor by ensuring that there is no overheating and while remaining silent. It also has 15 built-in LEDs for the tachometer function (RPM)

Key Features of the Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition

  • Faithful replica of the actual steering wheel
  • Official licensed by Ferrari
  • The same vehicle materials are used for production
  • Hand-sewn steering wheel cover
  • Robust and versatile attachment system, compatible with all mounts (desks, tables, etc.) and 2 levers
  • Thrustmaster Force Feedback steering wheels
  • Powerful 40W motor
  • Advanced single-phase cooling
  • Total of 15 LEDs with tachometer function
  • Together with 26 programmable functions

Top-level processing and control to get you into the game

This perfect replication of a steering wheel is made possible, among other things, because of the hand-stitched wrapping imported directly from Italy. It is the same material that is commonly used in Ferrari cars. The front and two levers are made of black brushed anodised metal. The levers are attached to the steering wheel. They are all metal and are 14cm in height. Their touch switches have a lifetime of more than 500,000 switching times. The steering wheel is also equipped with a total of 15 LEDs with a tachometer function (games that support this technology in their interface will be updated in the course of 2018). Several other high-quality controls are also ready. There are 2 directional pads with a button function, 2 rotary dials with a push function and 8 action buttons. Altogether, you can enjoy 26 programmable features.

Hardware of the Steering Wheel Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer Ferrari 488 Challenge Edition

The powerful 40W motor powers the steering wheel with excellent power and dynamic effects. The TS-PC RACER’s motor provides powerful 40W brushless Force Feedback and incredible velocity (dynamic torque): from long stall curves (STALL mode) to super-responsive zigzags (DYNAMIC mode). Advanced single-phase cooling provides 50% more dynamics, 4 times greater stall force and heat dissipation via monophasic cooling. It keeps the engine quiet and has a 4x higher starting torque due to heat dissipation. The external power supply of the steering wheel has a power of 400W to fully respond to extra fast changes and game requirements. External TURBO power supply delivers constant power and massive peak power, to instantly respond to ultra-fast requests from the game. Toroidal-shaped for optimised power efficiency of 86% (with just 14% heat generation), with a finless design. Peak power: 400W!

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Platform PC

Inputs and outputs

Connecting USB-A


Connection type Cable


Colour Black


Functions Force feedback , Programmable buttons , D-Pad
Number of buttons 8 ×
Min. angle of rotation 270 °
Max. angle of rotation 1,080 °
Code:  MA516l7
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  2960798
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