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Thrustmaster T150 PRO

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Thrustmaster T150 PRO

Thrustmaster T150 PRO with T3PA pedals for true racers

Advanced sports motor simulators can now enjoy the extraordinary quality of a racing steering wheel replica that comes packed with the highly prized three-track T3PA set. Now it is clear that the dreams of all competitors are fulfilled: there is a complete solution for all types of races and tracks at an extraordinary price.

 Thrustmaster T150 PRO

Exact steering and realistic feedback

The very precise steering of the 28cm Thrustmaster T150 PRO is provided by optical readings with 12-bit resolution. This means that there are 4096 values for the position of the steering wheel, which is more than sufficient for the sharp turns on the circuit and precise maneuvering in the field. Under the Thrustmaster T150 PRO you can find two large metal sequential shift levers with a durable switch that can withstand over 500,000 activations. You do not have to run your hands at all thanks to the three built-in PS4 buttons. In addition, there are 13 action buttons, social sharing buttons, switching between game and system, and a pad.

Key features of the Thrustmaster T150 PRO steering wheel

  • Replica racing wheel and pedal set
  • Under the steering wheel are two 13cm long gearshifts
  • The steering wheel is licensed directly to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3
  • The set is also compatible with Windows (PC)
  • The pedals can be adjusted to suit your needs
 Thrustmaster T150 PRO

 Thrustmaster T150 PRO

Really authentic experiences

The powerful electric motor provides the ability to adjust the feedback intensity and select a rotational angle between 270 and 1080°. The T150 delivers unique flexibility to make your racing experience truly authentic. Beginners and even seasoned drivers will benefit and on all types of tracks in every type of vehicle in any race. All this thanks to the good and gentle tooth pulley wheel system with metal ball bearings.

Pedals like a real car

The T3PA is an extremely compact set of clutch, brake and accelerator pedals. All elements can be adjusted to suit your needs (pitch and tilt angle, gas level also has 2 height positions and optional pressure resistance for brakes). By adding the rubber brake pad, realistic feedback can be achieved when you push it, making you feel like a real car.

 Thrustmaster T150 PRO
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Platform PC, PS4, PS3

Inputs and outputs

Connecting USB-A


Functions Force feedback , Programmable buttons , D-Pad
Number of buttons 13 ×
Number of pedals 3 ×
Min. angle of rotation 270 °
Max. angle of rotation 1,080 °


Type Steering wheel with pedals
Code:  MA516g4
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  4160696
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