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TESCOMA Omelette Tray PURITY MicroWave

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TESCOMA Omelette Tray PURITY MicroWave

Revolutionise your kitchen with the highly-reliable and practical Tescoma PURITY MicroWAVE series. If you live an on-the-go lifestyle and need quick and convenient meals to fill the hole at lunchtime, then these are perfect for you! Cooking has never been simpler or easier. Simply place some eggs into the tray before placing it into the microwave. The lid comes equipped with ventilation holes, allowing for an efficient cooking process. Once finished, you can remove the cooked eggs, hard or soft, from the tray. They are ready to be eaten immediately. If you prefer richer meals, you can add spinach and cheese to the eggs, creating a deliciously satisfying omelette. A world of culinary delights are available at the touch of the button. Save time today, with Tescoma!

Key Features 

  • Microwavable preparation tray
  • Made using revolutionary NanoCARE technology
  • Does not eliminate the properties found in aromatic foods such as carrots, beetroots or curry
  • Made of high-quality, antibacterial materials for safe storage and preparation
  • The containers include vents for practical ventilation and drainage
  • Cleaning is quick and convenient—simply place the containers under running water
  • The dishes are ecological and also save your time and money
  • Ideal for the preparation of eggs and omelettes

An Eco-Friendly Revolution with Tescoma 

The PURITY MicroWAVE range is made using revolutionary NanoCARE technology, which does not eliminate the properties found in aromatic foods such as carrots, beetroot or curry. The antibacterial materials used prevent bacterial growth during food preparation, especially during the storage period. Cleaning and maintenance are quick and convenient—simply run the containers under running water. There is no need for detergent! With Tescoma’s PURITY range, you can save money, time and become environmentally friendly.

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