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Cooking rice properly sometimes feels like its own science. The TESCOMA PURITY MicroWave Transparent Pot makes up to 4 servings of steamed rice in the microwave oven without burning. The rice cooks quickly and easily without needing to fuss over it. You don't even need to watch it cook! The PURITY MicroWave will take care of everything. Even fluffing and drying the finished rice is not a problem, thanks to the vents in the lid. The TESCOMA pot saves time, energy and unnecessary washing up.

Key Features of the TESCOMA PURITY MicroWave

  • A pot for cooking rice in a microwave
  • Can cook up to 4 servings
  • Saves energy, the environment and your time
  • For the production of TESCOMA PURITY MicroWave, nanoCARE technology is used
  • Transparent pot does not absorb odours or colours
  • Practical strainer lid and measuring scoop

Don't Worry About Bacteria or Staining

The nanoCARE technology used in the TESCOMA PURITY MicroWave pot ensures perfect functionality and durability. The walls of the pot do not absorb colours or odours. Even intense colours from peppers or spices will not stain the pot; it can always be easily washed. TESCOMA PURITY MicroWave also prevents the growth of bacteria even when storing milk and egg dishes. After using the pot, just rinse it under running water. There is no need to use detergents.

TESCOMA Pot is Practical in Every Respect

The TESCOMA PURITY MicroWave is incredibly practical. It comes with a measuring scoop for measuring rice. The lid has several vents that allow steam to escape in the microwave. To make sure you can measure exactly as much water as you need, TESCOMA PURITY MicroWave is also equipped with a precision scale. 

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