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Tempered Glass Protector 0.3mm for the Apple Watch 3 42mm

€12.61 without VAT

Tempered Glass Protector 0.3mm for the Apple Watch 3 42mm

Do you carry your device without protection leaving your watch vulnerable to scratches? Well, your problem is solved with the Tempered Glass Protector. This transparent, flexible and 0.3mm thick tempered glass will protect your screen from scratches, absorb shocks and eliminate all unwanted fingerprints from the surface of the display. The glass is designed for the Apple Watch 3 display.

Main advantages

  • 9H hardness is scratch resistant
  • Tempered glass with high elasticity
  • High touch sensitivity
  • It does not leave bubbles
  • Glass fits nicely to the shape of the watch's display

High hardness and durability

Because of its cutting-edge technology, the protective glass does not create air bubbles, so it's as if the glass protector isn't even there. In addition, the Tempered Glass Protector has a 9H hardness rating, which means it is three times stronger than conventional protective screen films. Now, your watch can even protect you from sharp objects such as knives or keys.

Easy installation

The entire surface of the protective screen film is made of hard glass. Also, the back is covered with a layer of extremely adherent silicone for easy installation. This ensures that no space is left between the protective film and the display. You will find everything you need for the installation of the Tempered Glass Protector in the package.


Brand/model of mobile phone

Telephone brand Apple
Model of mobile phone watch


Glass thickness 0.3 mm
Hardness 9H

Package includes

Package includes Cleaning cloth
Code:  TG005v41
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  TGP-AW2-03