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Synology RS820+

€887.63 without VAT

Synology RS820+

In today's modern world, every company needs a reliable data storage system. Consider buying a network-attached storage server. Maybe you need to store contracts, accounting data and other company information. A great way to store everything safely is on a Synology storage disk. The Synology RS820+ has slots for 4 × of HDDs. This Smart data storage is a low-cost way to save data as seen with the low price and low consumption of.

Synology RS820+ Smart Storage Key Features

  • NAS HDD storage
  • Also functions as a print server



Use Data storage

Type and capacity

Format (Form Factor) 2,5"


Special features RAID


Use Home, Company

Power outlet type


Number of bays 4 ×


Supported services File Sharing (SAMBA, HFS, CIFS), Print server, iSCSI, iTunes server, Recording from IP cameras, Cloud server
Code:  FN153a21
Warranty: 36 months
Product Number:  RS820+
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