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Steba AW 210 PURE

€158.76 without VAT

Steba AW 210 PURE

Clean and Healthy Air

Eliminate odours, pollen and dust from your household

Steba AW 210 PURE
Steba AW 210 PURE

2 in 1

Cleans and humidifies at the same time


Number of programs


Ideal room area

What Does the Steba Offer You?

The Steba AW 210 PURE is a highly-reliable and practical 2in1 device, finished in a sophisticated and modern design that will complement your home interior perfectly. The quality of the environments we immerse ourselves in can have a huge impact on our overall health. If you want to eliminate dust, pollen and odours to provide your home with a clean and healthy atmosphere, then the Steba is perfect for you. It is an efficient appliance, combining an air purifier and a humidifier to deliver highly-effective results. The air is permeated over a water bath to ensure significantly cleaner air filled with natural moisture. Forget about replacement filters with this intelligent device! 

Steba AW 210 PURE

Key Features

  • 2in1: air purifier and humidifier 
  • Effectively cleans the air without the need to replace filters 
  • An illuminated LCD display provides reliable information to ensure easy operation 
  • Quiet during operation 
  • The integrated ioniser guarantees a pleasant climate
  • The required humidity can be easily adjusted to suit your needs
  • 5 adjustable programs
  • A timer for up to 10 hours of operation 
Steba AW 210 PURE

Hayfever and other pollen related allergies affect up to 30% of adults and up to 40% of children. The negative impact that these symptoms can have can be easily avoided. The AW 210 PURE has an integrated water filter that eliminates pollen, dust and unpleasant odours from the air. At the touch of a button, you can utilise the ionisation generator, creating an optimal climate in a matter of seconds. The large, LCD display is easy to read and provides options for humidity control and timing (1-10 hours). It also comes equipped with a sophisticated, blue backlight. Additional features include a child lock, a remote control and an integrated memory, capable of retaining the previous settings information. The Steba can effectively and efficiently operate in rooms up to 20 metres squared.



Mobile application No
Power consumption 320 W
Recommended room size 20 m2


Filters Water


Function Timer, Power regulation, Remote control, Display, Humidifier, Child lock, Air ioniser

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Code:  STEAW210
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  AW 210 PURE