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Starblitz Circular Polarizing Filter 58mm

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Starblitz Circular Polarizing Filter 58mm

A polarization filter is a must-have for top-of-the-range outdoor photography that does not need computer post-processing. Not only does it add colour depth and clarity, but it also reduces glare from non-metallic reflective surfaces such as glass, snow or water. Alternately, you can use it to intensify the light entering through the lens. Simply turn the lens to adjust it to the required effect. Get a bluer sky on a sunny day by reducing the light, or get clearer images during overcast weather by allowing more light through. Perfect for holidays by the sea, in the mountains, or for pictures of architecture and landscapes with an impressive sky in the background.

This version is for 58mm lens.

Key Features of the Starblitz 58mm Circular Polarization Filter

  • Minimize non-metallic reflections
  • Customise by turning the filter
  • Enhance or decrease the brightness of your images
  • Fuller and more vivid colours
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Filter type

Filter type Polarising filter, Circular filter


Filter diameter 58 mm

Other features

Filter Design Classic
Code:  STZ799
Product Number:  SFICPL58
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