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SPK Gear GK540 Magna Kailh Red RGB

€58.30 without VAT

SPK Gear GK540 Magna Kailh Red RGB

The SPK Gear GK540 Magna Kailh Red RGB gaming keyboard is the quality resource for every red-blooded gamer who wants to show off their real skills in fierce battles. Its tough and rugged switches guarantee excellent traction, so the keyboard has your back when you need it. The Black colour scheme of this SPK Gear GK540 Magna Kailh Red RGB along with eye-catching backlighting makes the keyboard a fine accessory for your powerful gaming PC. The compact size of the keyboard also gives you more space for your calculated mouse moves. Mechanical switches provide great tactile feedback and are much tougher than the standard membrane construction, making your work or gaming a true feast for your fingers.

SPK Gear GK540 Magna Kailh Red RGB Gaming Keyboard Key Features

  • Multimedia keys for intuitive control over your movie or music players
  • Macro keys give you the option to bind a number of complex keyboard commands, which you will appreciate when you're working or gaming
  • Programmable keys enable you to map multiple useful keystroke combinations
  • A sturdy construction of this gaming keyboard ensures that the keys will last you a long time
  • This Gaming Keyboard from SilentiumPC features Kailh Red switch
  • USB interface for connecting the keyboard to other devices

SPK Gear GK540 Magna Kailh Red RGB with Switches

This keyboard is distinguished from the normal model because it is equipped with different switches which means the keys are durable and last longer. To press them, a slight touch is sufficient. Gamers especially appreciate the benefit of the great tactile feedback and a higher stroke rate. The SPK Gear GK540 Magna Kailh Red RGB has Kailh Red switches a fairly common used in keyboards for gamers. Kailh Red switches have a great pressure response when pressed and is pride of its lifetime of 50 million clicks.

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Connecting Wired
Interface USB

Keyboard designation

Keyboard designation Gaming
Equipment Backlit keys, Mechanical keys, Macro Keys, Programmable keys, Multimedia keys, Mechanical keys


Localisation American
Key type Classic (High-profile)
Enter One-slotted
Backspace Wide
Left shift Wide
Cursor arrows Wide

Switch type

Switch type Kailh Red


Colour Black


Width 44.45 cm (444.5 mm)
Height 2.25 cm (22.5 mm)
Depth 13.35 cm (133.5 mm)


Weight 1,180 g
Code:  SPCa09
Warranty: 24 months
Product Number:  SPG021
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