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Sony XM-N1004

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Sony XM-N1004

Driving is always more fun when you've got your favourite music playing. But if you want high-performance audio, consider this SONY external amplifier for car radios. This 4-channel amplifier uses carefully selected audio capacitors, output transistors and coil dampers to achieve realistic and clear sound reproduction. Improve your listening experience with a clear high-frequency range, available in a maximum output of 4 x 70 W with 4-ohm speakers or up to 4 × 250 with 2-ohm.

Key features

  • Clear and powerful audio for better listening experience
  • High-quality product made from carefully selected components
  • Broadband amplification (5 Hz to 50 kHz)
  • Low pass filter (LPF) for subwoofer
  • High pass filter (HPF)
  • Design optimised for cooling
  • Automatic temperature control prevents shutdown

Always on

The amplifier’s construction was designed to provide the best air circulation needed for cooling. Despite its power, the amplifier maintains a low temperature and can reproduce stable and powerful audio without any distortion. And if the critically important components do begin to overheat, the automatic temperature monitoring simply reduces the amplifier’s performance instead of shutting it down entirely. You can blast your sound system at the maximum volume even on a hot summer day and know that nothing will interrupt your musical experience.


Channel configuration: 4ch; 2ch; 1ch
Low Pass Filter: 80 Hz
Slope: Low Pass Filter 18 dB/octave (80 Hz)
Slope: High Pass Filter 12 dB/octave (80 Hz)

Rated output power (RMS 20 to 20 000 Hz):
Max. channel config. at 4 ohm (W) / THD (%): 4 x 70 W / 1.0%
Max. channel config. at 2 ohm (W) /THD (%): 4 x 85 W / 1.0%

Maximum power output:
Max. channel power config. at 4 ohm: 4 x 170 W
Max. channel config. at 4 ohm BTL: 2 x 500 W
Max. channel power config. at 2 ohm: 4 x 210 W

Frequency response: 5-50 kHz
Tolerance: +0 / -3 dB
Signal to noise ratio: 100 dB
Total harm. distortion at 1 kHz (%): 0.05%

CEA output power: 4 x 70 W
CEA signal/noise ratio: 93 dBA
MOSFET power supply
Line In: input sensitivity 0.3-6
Gold-plated connectors
Current drain (A) - rated output power at 4 ohm: 36
Subsonic high pass filter: 12 dB/octave

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