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Sony SRS-XB22 black

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Sony SRS-XB22 black

A Portable Music Festival

The compact and stylish Sony SRS-XB22 is not only great for parties, but it can also provide you with beautiful music whether you are enjoying a picnic in the countryside or walking through  remote hills. Its sleek design features two 42mm speakers and dual passive radiators. You can connect to any smart through wireless technologies, such as NFC and Bluetooth 4.2. The speaker can also be used as a handsfree device. You can position the versatile speaker on both of its sides or upright, and with up to 12 hours playback per charge, the integrated Li-Ion battery provides enough power for you to party all night long. 

The Sony SRS-XB22 Takes Every Party to Another Dimension 

A Lot of Music in a Small Package

With its small dimensions, the Sony SRS-XB22 will easily fit into just about anything. You can put it in your backpack when you go travelling and rely on the speaker to provide the tunes at impromptu off-the-beaten-track parties. Wherever you go, you can always take the Sony SRS-XB22 with you.

Sony SRS-XB22


Extra Bass technology gives you a powerful sound that gets every party going. Dual passive radiators combine with two full-range speakers to enhance low-end tones and give the bass a boost.

Sony SRS-XB22


With the help of the Sony | The Music Center app, you can select your favourite playlists directly from the dance floor. You can also change the volume, lighting patterns and choose a sound mode to suit each particular song.

Sony SRS-XB22

Long Battery Life

The loudspeaker can play for up to 12 hours per charge, so you can keep on partying until the sun comes up. When you use EXTRA BASS, you should get about 10 hours of uninterrupted fun.

Vibrant Colours

For the best atmosphere, you're gonna need the best lighting. That's why the Sony SRS-XB22 is equipped with flashing strip lights that synch to the beat.

Party Booster Function

The loudspeaker has interactive controls, which you can use to show off your skills and create brand new music. Just tap different places on the speaker to make different sounds like a scratch, snare, kick drum or cowbell. You can control the volume with power, tap gently for a soft sound or give it a good bash for a loud response.

Wireless Party Chain

With Bluetooth, you can link up to an incredible 100 wireless speakers that sync together in both playback and lighting so everyone dances to the same rhythm. The light effect can be set to a random pattern or to blink in a circle.

Sony SRS-XB22


The Sony SRS-XB22 has a high IP67 protection rating. This means you can take it almost anywhere as dust, sand, and even salt water will not cause it any harm.

Sony SRS-XB22

Totally Washable

IP67 certification is a guarantee of the speaker's resistance to water. For example, if you are at the pool and the speaker falls in, nothing is lost, it will survive unaffected.

Sony SRS-XB22

Durable Speaker

The Sony SRS-XB22 Wireless Speaker has been subjected to extensive tests to verify that it can withstand the knocks, bumps and scrapes that are part of daily use.

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Apple Music

System type

System type Active
Number of channels Separate speaker


Connection type 3,5 mm Jack
Wireless features Bluetooth, NFC
USB 1 ×
Outputs 3,5 mm Jack

Audio transmission

Bluetooth version 4.2
Supported codecs AAC, LDAC, SBC


Frequency from 20 Hz
Frequency up to 20,000 Hz

Degree of protection

IP Code IP67


Playback time 12 hr(s)

Soundbar dimensions

Width 20.1 cm
Depth 7.2 cm
Height 6.8 cm


Total weight 0.54 kg


Usage For mobile
Code:  GS476f28a
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  SRSXB22B.CE7
Links: Manufacturer's Website: