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Sony Hi-Res LSPX-S2 Silver

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Sony Hi-Res LSPX-S2 Silver

Stylish glass Bluetooth speaker Sony Hi-Res LSPX-S

The Sony Hi-Res Bluetooth Speaker LSPX-S2 is an exceptional matter for all music fans and great design. The speaker has a smooth finish that dominates the organic glass speaker. Its compact size and weight of 1.1 Kg makes it easy to carry so you can place it where you need it. In addition to high-quality sound, a great advantage is the possibility of stylish and atmospheric lighting, which can even mimic the effect of flickering candles. Built-in 35mm speaker has a total power of 11W. The Li-Ion battery has a battery life of up to 8 hours, while micro USB charging takes five hours.

Pipe from organic glass

A total of 3 activation mechanisms add vibration to the pipe made of organic glass, making the entire surface work like a microphone. You get not only great sound in perfect quality, but everything is evenly distributed in all directions. Everyone will enjoy the music.


The Sony Hi-Res LSPX-S2 speaker boasts high-definition audio playback. In this way you will hear each tone clearly and clearly. Every music played boasts studio quality.

Clear heights and surround sound

The tweeter is made entirely of organic glass, providing an incredible sound that fits into every corner of the room.

Sony Hi-Res LSPX-S2


35mm built-in speaker delivers cool and balanced midrange.

Sony Hi-Res LSPX-S2

Clear bass

The optimized passive emitter guarantees pure low tones.

Lighting for the right atmosphere & shimmering candle-like effect

The Sony Hi-Res LSPX-S2 Bluetooth Bluetooth speaker has 32 brightness levels, so you can easily choose the ideal lighting for the current environment or mood. Candlelight mode is also available, which causes flickering of the candle. You can choose from bright or gentle flicker. This simply creates the right atmosphere for dinner - a shimmering effect and a calm listening to music.

Extremely convenient wireless connection

The Sony Hi-Res LSPX-S2 has convenient wireless connectivity. You have a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. This, combined with an 8-hour battery life, gives you great listening experience anytime, anywhere.

Sony Hi-Res LSPX-S2


With convenient Bluetooth and NFC (one-touch connection), you can enjoy unprecedented comfort while listening to music.

Sony Hi-Res LSPX-S2


With Wi-Fi and Spotify Connect4, you can stream all your music straight and in premium quality on your home network.

Sony Hi-Res LSPX-S2

Long stamina

The speaker battery has up to 8 hours of listening time. But if you want to extend it, you can plug the Sony glass speaker into the mains.

Easily portable

You can take the Sony Hi-Res LSPX-S2 glass speaker wherever you go. Wherever you place it, you'll be sure to play and look great.

Just press and play

Just press a button, and the Sony Hi-Res LSPX-S2 can launch your latest playlist on Spotify, where you can enjoy a playlist of featured songs from the Glass Sound Speaker.

Two speakers can be connected

If you want to get more of these magnificent Bluetooth speakers, you will surely welcome the opportunity to listen to the same or different music in multiple rooms at the same time. Sony | Music Center, with which you can control multiple speakers from one device. Another benefit when connecting two speakers is the clearly separated stereo sound. This mode allows the speakers to function as the left or right channel. 

Sony Applications Music Center

This app is available for iOS and Android. You can remotely control your music, lighting, or set off time.


System type

System type Separate speaker
Active/Passive Active (independent)
Mechanics without mechanics


Overall performance 11 W
Frequency from 60 Hz
Frequency to 40,000 Hz
Impedance 4 Ohm


Technology WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC
Outputs USB


Playback time 8 hr(s)

Speaker dimensions

Speaker width 90 mm
Speaker depth 277 mm


Weight 1,100 g
Code:  GS475v8
Warranty: 12 months
Product Number:  LSPXS2.EU8
Links: Manufacturer's Website: